How to Develop the Right Sales Approach

The whole purpose of getting on the phone with someone is to make an appointment, which should be the primary understanding of the call. As a salesperson, the first impression that we make and the relationship that we build with each prospect or client depends on our calling approach and how we choose to open each call.

When you get someone on the phone, you should present yourself as a person with an offer that fits into the kind of meetings the other person typically would agree to.  Now, there are four strategies I want you to focus on: Match the lead source to the script, develop a story line, rhythm of the call, and bringing value.

1. Match the Lead Source to the Script
Think about who you are calling before you make your call. By doing this, you will not only be more informed about the person and company you’re calling upon, but you can more effectively match the right script and offering to the right kind of person. For example, an unprepared salesperson might make a call that sounds something like, “Hi, I want to tell you about this, which will do that for you and it also has this feature which provides that benefit.”  This approach leads most people to tune out and realize that this salesperson is simply evangelizing their message.
REMEMBER: You must present the offer in a simple way that lays out the logic of your offering as well as why and how it would fit into their organization.
Ask Yourself: What kind of leads are you calling and what’s the right strategy for each?

2. Develop a Storyline
Finalizing your calling approach and script is only part of the game.  The next step is to make sure that you’re developing a story line.  We want to tell it like it’s a story.
Start off the call by relating to the prospect. For example, “We’re thinking of marketing a solution to this industry. We think it makes sense because we’ve had a lot of success with very similar kinds of businesses or challenges, but I’d like to learn more about what you’re doing, tell you what we’ve been doing, and see if there’s a match.” So, I’m going to create the sounds of a story. This approach can help you to easily turn the call into an appointment.
Ask Yourself: What is the story I’m telling?

3. Rhythm of the Call
We must listen to the rhythm of the call. If you speak and the other person responds as soon as you finish speaking, this probably means they’re tuned in.  However, if there’s a long gap, we need to recognize that they’re still not connected and then quickly react to gain interest again.
Ask Yourself: How can I tell if someone is “tuned in”?

4. Bringing Value
When you’re making calls, remember that you’re not wasting their time. You’re bringing them a potential solution that’s worth money to them.  Never forget that you’re bringing great value. By having confidence in what you are selling, you will engage the listener and keep their attention by concisely delivering your message.
Ask Yourself: What’s the dollar value that you bring to people who buy from me?


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