3 Reasons Why Print Advertising is Still A Lethal Weapon for A Winning Marketing Campaign


Regardless of the growth of the internet and burgeoning popularity of online advertising here are 3 reasons why print advertising is still a lethal weapon in any advertising campaign…

Segment Your Way to Success

Segmentation is a precondition for marketing success and print media targets a specific audience. There is virtually no wastage of resources as a fashion magazine highlights apparel, footwear, accessories and make up while a health magazine spreads the word about health foods, organic foods and vegan choices.

Segmentation cannot get more specific than it gets with print advertising. Reaching out to a specific audience who subscribe to a particular newspaper or magazine is the best way to cater to a niche market segment.

Positioning Strategies

The biggest plus with newspaper and magazine advertising is that an advertiser can request special ad positioning. This means that a paragliding service provider can ask that his ad is placed in a specific page or within a column article about adventure sports or adventure tourism.

A positioning strategy such as this will bring greater visibility to the brand simply because the ad is in line with the central theme of the publication. A highly effective commercial specific ad positioning ensures that potential buyers will notice it.

I have noticed this with newspaper advertisements as well where ads for olive oil as a cooking medium appear in the health food recipes column. A great way to sharpen the edge of your advertising campaign while ensuring it reaches who you want to.

High Score on the Credibility Scale

In time newspapers and magazines create a large pool of loyal readers who attach a lot of importance to the quality of content that appears in their favorite publications. I have known people who swear by the research base of articles printed by the Reader’s Digest and others who say the columnists in Cosmopolitan know what they are talking about.

One particular trend in print advertising that I’ve noticed in India, particularly in Maharashtra state where I’ve lived all my life is the impact of the Diwali Ank (a special issue that magazine publishers come up with for Diwali, the festival of lights). I know people who stock up on these issues and read them over a period of time and discuss the contents with others. Such is the impact and credibility of print media.

So if you had just about written off print advertising from your “to do list” in your marketing campaign… think again. It is in fact a lethal weapon that could just help you make a bigger, better and more lasting impact.



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