4 Revenue-Generating Tips for Niche Online Magazines


PR Newswire recently quoted the Association of Magazine Media’s 2015 Magazine Media Factbook’s statement that within the past three years, the adult U.S. Viewership of magazines’ digital editions has more than quadrupled. That’s an extraordinary gain in audience numbers — and it’s time you captured a piece of that pie for your own niche publication. Here are four steps you can take to boost your online revenue.

1. Make Events Work for You

It’s easy to become so obsessed with online strategies for boosting business that you forget about the power of live events. By putting your niche publication in the real-world public eye at trade shows and other niche-specific events, you gain a new degree of believability and credibility while making your presence known to a pre-qualified audience.

You be surprised at how much an in-person appearance can do for the digital side of your enterprise. For one thing, you can collect reams of contact information by letting attendees sign up for contests and discounted subscriptions. You can also take tons of video and audio to bring back to your offices and post on your site (see below).

2. Make Yourself Heard and Seen with Audio and Video

Compelling text on unique topics may be the foundation of your publication’s success, but today’s Web-savvy readers are drawn to moving pictures and sound. You can reel in these sensation seekers by supplying them with a steady stream of informative, entertaining audio and video. Examples include:

Podcasts – A few minutes of audio can go a long way for attracting listeners as well as readers. Post authoritative how-to talks, interviews with experts, news updates and other fascinating clips at scheduled intervals to build your niche audience.

Video – YouTube is the 800-pound gorilla of modern media in terms of gaining followers and rising up the search rankings. Create your own YouTube channel stuffed with entertaining videos on niche topics and/or embed the videos on your own site. Your target market will love you for it — and so will YouTube’s owner, Google.

3. Attract Prospects With Tantalizing Offers

Attracting visitors to your niche publication site is one thing, but capturing their critical data so you can continue to market to them is another. In today’s world of security and privacy concerns, most people will only give up their contact information (a) if they genuinely trust you as a legitimate outfit and (b) in exchange for something useful and intriguing.

You can appeal directly to these potential leads by positioning special offers and giveaways at key points in your web content — generally deep enough to ensure that only seriously interested parties view it, such as on a product landing page. Perhaps these folks can download an exclusive, in-depth white paper or ebook simply by filling out a contact form. They get the niche content they crave, and you get the data you need to keep them coming back for more.

4. Get Interactive 

Interactive tools can make your site the happening place to be.

By their very definition, niche publications attract readers whose passions lie with specific interests and subjects. What better way to appeal to those passions than by inviting your readers to join the online conversation? Interaction only stokes the flames of reader interest and involvement, so make interactive content a major feature of your online presence.

You’ll find that there a variety of interactive options you can implement to get the party started. Polling is a surefire method for collecting audience opinion, and these days there are plenty of online apps to make it easier than ever to launch polls and display results. Forums have been a staple of the Internet since the good old days of Usenet bulletin boards; building your own forum not only drives opinionated aficionados to your site, but it also helps brand you as the authoritative “hot spot” for your particular subject matter.

From live events and multimedia to special offers and interactive content, you have the power to direct a prime chunk of that booming digital audience your way. Enjoy your new-found profits!




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