Psychology Tricks to Sell Better and Faster [Infographic]

Written by Emma Brudne


Just like any complex system, the human brain contains quirks. For instance, a multitude of details unrelated to an object’s inherent worth can significantly skew our perception of it — its color, the time at which we first come into contact with it, others’ perspectives on it, what we were doing just before it was introduced, the words used to describe it, and so on.

Bottom line? If you think each opinion you form is totally rational, you’re sorely mistaken.

While salespeople should never seek to bamboozle their prospects, it doesn’t hurt to be mindful of the brain quirks we’re all privy to. The following infographic from Help Scout uncovers 10 psychological idiosyncrasies that salespeople can use to their advantage.

Here’s an example. Let’s say you want a prospect to be receptive to an off-the-wall idea. Bearing in mind that labels can sometimes influence people’s behavior, you might send the following email:

I’m so excited to present my idea later today — I’m confident that it will double your revenue. It’s a little unconventional, but I know you’re always open-minded when it comes to novel tactics.

Thanks to your priming, the prospect is much more likely to be receptive to your presentation.

Dig into the graphic below for more psychological tactics that can help you sell better and faster. You might even bookmark this one — there’s a wealth of valuable information packed into a small space.




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