Tim Rooney

Business has changed drastically over the past few decades. So has technology, marketing, sales, and so much more. These shifts can be frightening, but they also bring a breath of fresh air into many organizations. Unfortunately, this conflicts with one stale, stagnant element in most companies: the sales team.

To be clear: sales departments are still essential to modern businesses. You won’t survive if you can’t sell to a customer base. But outdated sales methods still remain dominant at many companies. You’d be surprised by how many representatives use old, ineffective techniques on potential customers. Other disciplines have had to innovate to keep up with the times, and now sales needs to make that transition as well.

Inbound sales and marketing can help you with that adjustment. These methods offer solutions that will radically improve your sales. You’ll gain new customers and satisfy your old ones better. Why settle for old-fashioned mediocrity when you could claim a spot at the forefront of your industry? Let inbound techniques show you the future of business.


Sales and marketing have traditionally separated themselves into distinct entities. Each side may view the other with suspicion and doubt. After all, they represent a fundamentally different approach to attracting and selling to consumers.

But do they really? Inbound sales and marketing tears down the wall between these two disciplines to make both more effective. Salespeople set buyer personas that marketing professionals can use to focus on a specific audience. Marketers convince members of that group to convert into leads and then hand them off to the sales team for further nurturing. This creates a more cohesive system that ultimately results in more purchases.


Does your sales team still cold call prospects regularly? If they do, shut that practice down immediately. This is just one of the many aggressive tactics that salespeople use. Cold calls don’t just irritate clients. They also fill up your salespeople’s schedule, stealing time that could be used to serve actual customers.

Don’t let your sales team spend another day working with methods that don’t suit its interests.Instead, help them do better with sales enablement. The right program will teach them all of the inbound sales and marketing techniques they need to win over prospects and leads.


Inactive leads are frustrating. You try so hard to engage with them, but they often just ignore your efforts. This can frustrate your salespeople and make them feel ineffective. But the problem doesn’t lie with them. Your sales team is only as good as the leads they get. If you only attract people who are just considering a purchase, salespeople will have more work ahead of them.

You need to find leads that already want to buy products. These prospects are known as sales-qualified leads (SQLs), and they’re among the most desirable consumers you can target. Inbound marketing are more likely to attract these buyers than any other strategy, so why not try it?


A satisfied customer is not the end of the inbound sales and marketing process. Why settle for a happy yet complacent buyer when you could gain an active proponent for your business?

Customers tell other people when they’re happy with your service. These referrals are much more likely to buy from you than other consumers are. Inbound sales and marketing solutions can help you cultivate this satisfaction from your first interaction with a consumer, making each sale that much more lucrative.



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