Track what users do in your app after they’ve downloaded it,Google Best Practices


Finding the Right Mobile App Users: Google Best Practices

Once you’ve convinced someone to download your app, get an understanding of how they engage with it: what they’re doing in your app, and which of those actions signal long-term value.

With a website, you don’t stop measuring after the first visit. You want to understand how your site’s visitors convert into paying customers. It’s the same for your mobile app.

How to set up tracking

When tracking in-app events driven by your AdWords campaigns, you can use:

  • Firebase analytics
  • Server-to-server integration with your analytics system for Android and iOS, or
  • Third-party apps conversion tracking for Android or iOS


If you’re using third-party tracking, make sure you pass all in-app events and not just the events attributed to Google AdWords to avoid reporting discrepancies between AdWords and your third-party conversion tracking solution.


If you’re promoting an Android app, link AdWords with Google Play for codeless conversion tracking of installs and in-app purchases.

What to track

Since you’re trying to identify which in-app actions are valuable, make sure to track:

  1. In-app events.To get a better picture of the whole user funnel and campaign performance, set up at least 3 in-app events. Give each a long enough attribution window to account for the expected delay from the ad click to the event.
  2. Conversion value. Use dynamic value tracking so that you can get a more accurate sense of return by accounting for differences in value. Remember, value isn’t always based on transaction; it can also be rules-based. For example, you may want to track differences in value by market, or by how quickly users perform a specific action.


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