10 Tips for Selling & Wowing Online Customers


By: Ramon Ray – Small Business Expert


You’ve jumped into the e-commerce game and now have the potential to reach millions of customers with an online shop that never closes. Sales are good – but they could be better, right? If you are looking to take your e-commerce success to the next level, check out these 10 tips for selling and wowing online customers.

  1. Product Descriptions
    The first step to setting up an appealing online shop is to nail the product descriptions. Avoid general, meaningless phrases and instead focus on specifics, ensuring to outline the features and benefits. Write with your ideal customer in mind, thinking about their pain points and how this product is the solution.
  1. Powerful Visuals
    Powerful visuals help customers understand what they are purchasing thus building trust in the product and company. Take pictures from multiple angles, and also consider a product video which will better communicate how the product looks and works.
  1. Ratings and Reviews
    Product ratings and reviews demonstrate that you care about the customer’s opinion. They can also persuade potential customers, considering that 88 percent of consumers trust online reviews as much as personal recommendations. If you want more ratings and reviews for your products, don’t be afraid to ask.
  1. A Mobile-Ready Site
    Customers are increasingly using their mobile devices to access the internet, and that includes making purchases. While mobile commerce made up 16 percent of e-commerce in 2013, it is predicted to grow to 28 percent by 2019. If your site isn’t ready for mobile shoppers, they will do business elsewhere.
  1. SEO & SEM
    SEO (Search Engine Optimization) and SEM (Search Engine Marketing) can help you get in front of more potential customers. With SEO, you optimize your website with keywords so you can be found organically in searches. With SEM, you pay for advertisements that give your business or products a prominent position on the first page of search. Both should be incorporated into your e-commerce strategy.
  1. Free Shipping
    Companies like Amazon and other big retailers have made customers come to expect free shipping. This should motivate you to investigate all your shipping options and to find the partner who can give you the lowest rates. Once you find the lowest option, do calculations to figure out at which price point free shipping makes sense.
  1. Email Communication
    Build your email list and communicate with customers. In addition to special promotions, you can send an email if someone abandons their shopping cart, to thank them for a purchase, to request a review for the product, to suggest new products and more.
  1. Coupons for the Future
    In addition to regular promotions, don’t underestimate the power of future-oriented coupons for bringing customers back. For example, after a purchase is made, you may email with a 20 percent off coupon that can be used in two weeks. This strategy encourages repeat business.
  1. Offer an Affiliate Program
    An affiliate program can help spread word about your business. By offering websites and bloggers a small percentage of the sale, they will be motivated to promote your products and drive readers to your website.
  1. Customer Service
    Finally, never underestimate the importance of good customer service. Keep the channels of communication open on your website, email, and social media pages. Use these important contact points to right wrongs, thank customers, and encourage customer loyalty.

E-commerce opens up a world of potential customers and the chance for unlimited success. Use these tips to sell and wow your online customers and you’ll watch your sales grow.


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