When Newspaper Advertising Makes Sense


Newspaper Advertising works. For many products and services, newspaper advertising can generate loads of responses and therefore, the ultimate goal, sales.

Newspapers still have the capability to reach hundreds of thousands of readers daily. Many advertisers take advantage of these huge audiences by placing ads regularly.

However, it is no secret that some businesses tend to have better results than others.

Below are some ideas on what goals are achievable and what type of businesses can generally benefit from newspaper advertising.


1) Branding

The ultimate goal of newspaper advertising is to get responses and thus make sales. However, newspaper advertising does a lot more than that! Thousands to millions of people may see your ad every time it runs. They may not be ready to make that call or visit that website initially, but the chances of them responding to your ad greatly increases the more often they see the ad. Use newspaper ads to get your name out there.


2) Retail Products

Newspaper ads are a great way to advertise your retail products. A newspaper’s audience generally reflects the general population, which grants you access to a wide range of potential customers. Display ads tend to have better results than classified ads when it comes to retail products.


3) Recruiting

There is no doubt that newspapers are a great way to reach a wide range of potential employees. 48% of adults read the newspaper on an average weekday. That number jumps to 54% on an average Sunday. Whether you are looking to hire locally or recruit nationwide, the newspaper is a great tool in getting your positions filled.


4) Business Opportunities

One of the great benefits of classified advertising is that people go to the classifieds in search of your ads. The classified section is an “opt-in” medium, meaning that people know that the classified section is full of ads and are CHOOSING to read them. Business Opportunity ads can be set apart from other ads (under their own classification) and can cater to an audience that is actively seeking these types of opportunities.


5) Real Estate

Just like recruiting ads, real estate ads are a hugely popular destination in the classified section.  When people are looking to buy or ready to move, the newspaper is a valuable asset in researching properties. People not necessarily looking to move even peruse the real estate section. You never know, your property may be just what they didn’t know they were looking for!


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