The Sales Manager’s Guide to Running a Successful Sales Role Play


The Sales Manager_s Guide to Running a Successful Sales Role Play

Written by Julie Hansen

While as children most of us engaged in some form of role play, sales has managed to turn this experience into an awkward, high-pressure test of a rep’s ability to correctly articulate product knowledge, messaging, or sales methodology. Expectations are high and circumstances are vague: “Okay, Bob, you’re the salesperson. Carla, you’re the customer … Go!”

This all takes place under close scrutiny of the sales manager and an audience of peers.

The result is a performance that has little or no resemblance to how the salesperson will act on an actual sales call. And with reps singularly focused on nailing their lines, real gaps among your team remain unexposed and problem areas continue to go unaddressed.

Adapting the key concepts from a rehearsal-style role play model can help your reps perfect their messaging, reveal how they react under specific circumstances, and give them the opportunity to practice more effective…

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