Top 24 Quotes – 2017 Innovation Mission

Top 24 Quotes - 2017 Innovation Mission

It’s been an annual tradition for me to share the most memorable quotes from the Innovation Mission each year.

These are the words that linger, even haunt me, long after the trip ends. These are the themes that get repeated over and over during the three-hour debriefing that we conduct with participants at the end of the trip.

They come from some of the smartest people in technology, retail and media.

So here we go…in no particular order:

1. It’s hard for an organization that has to hit numbers every quarter to be entrepreneurial – Eddie Garcia/Sam’s Club

2. It’s like inviting someone to your home, punching them in the face & then wondering why they didn’t come back (in response to bad user experience/pop-ups/slow load times) – Jim Brady/Spirited Media

3. Why should they (Facebook) be able to showcase our content in a more clean and engaging way than we can? – Jason Jedlinski/Gannett

4. As an industry, we focus on page views because our sites suck – Jim Brady/Spirited Media

5. We don’t start with the business model; we get to that at the end – Ben Werdmuller/Matter

6. If you didn’t publish half of your lowest performing stories, article-based traffic would drop by just 2% – Kevin Poortinga/Gannett Innovation Lab

7. Billions of dollars are being lost by the news industry due to slow load times on mobile – Jason Washing/Google

8. Static ads outperform animated ads by as much as 4x – Jeff Burkett/Gannett

9. Legacy news organizations are poorly positioned to serve the local news consumer of the future – Jim Brady/Spirited Media

10. Fall in love with the problem not the solution – Eddie Garcia/Sam’s Club

11. Our mission going forward is less about page views and more about quality – Kevin Poortinga/Gannett Innovation Lab

12. The source of most innovation comes from a customer need – Jeremy Verba/VUDU & Connected Home

13. We’re startupy, with mission-driven folks on-board – Andrew Pergam/McClatchy Video

14. Hiring is the most important thing we do – Jason Washing/Google

15. Innovation is a hard thing to define; but you know it when you see it – Jeremy Verba/VUDU & Connected Home

16. Building a more informed world takes journalists and technologists working together – Danielle Bowers/Google News Lab

17. The future of video is not linear – Meghan Sims/McClatchy Video Lab

18. News is important to society; Google has to play a more pronounced role in helping to sustain the local news industry – David Brooks/Google

19. If you’re thinking: same content, smaller screen…YOU ARE WRONG – Jim Brady/Spirited Media

20. Mission, transparency and voice drive our culture – Jason Washing/Google

21. The ideas we develop here are our big bets that have potential to change the world – Guilietta Pezzaniti – Store No. 8, M&A and Services/Walmart

22. Message to managers at Google: You work for your people; your people don’t work for you – Jason Washing/Google

23. OTT ads combine the brains of digital and the beauty of TV – Joel Fineman/Roku

24. We are all gunning for the fight to the living room – voice assistants, Roku, VUDU, TV, you name it – Brooke Warner/Swift Communications


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