How Easy is Your Company to do Business With?


By   Jonathan Fraser

This may seem like a rhetorical question, but stop and think about your business ― from your CUSTOMER’s perspective, ask yourself: Is your organization truly easy to do business with?

I recently called a local auto dealer to schedule routine maintenance on my car. I spoke with the Service Manager who was very nice. He was very efficient, in fact too efficient. He hung up on me while I was in the process of asking to speak with a salesperson.

I’ve always liked the dealership so I called back. The Service Manager answered the phone. I told him that we’d just spoken and that he had hung up on me! I assured him I didn’t think it was intentional, but that he was merely in a hurry. I also explained that I wanted to speak with a salesperson.

He apologized, thanked me and hung up – again! I called back a third time and a salesperson answered the phone (thank goodness!). After answering my questions about a new vehicle I wanted to purchase I asked to speak with the General Manager.

The GM was pleasant until I explained my concern — that in their effort to deliver fast service they were delivering poor service. His response was a very defensive and loud, “You did it wrong! You should have called sales first and asked them to transfer you to service!!”

I did it wrong.

Now, I’m sure this car dealer thinks he’s real easy to do business with. I disagree. How many of your customers would call you three times to make a single purchase? Not many, I would bet. Now, I’m questioning whether to do business with this dealership in the future. Like all customers, I have a lot of places to choose from when deciding where to spend my money. You can bet your last dollar I’m going to think twice about choosing someone who yells at me.


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