3 Reasons Print Publishers Make Great Digital Experts


3 Reasons Print Publishers Make Great Digital Experts

By Alex Reardon


Local businesses field about six calls per week from various digital advertising service providers. That means that almost every single day, some new media company is calling up your advertisers and trying to convince them that they can deliver better solutions than you.

While SMBs are still spending on print, they’re also expanding their overall ad budgets so they can add more digital products to their toolkits. And they have to get those digital products from someone.

As a long-established, leading source of information in your community, you should be the one helping local businesses succeed in all aspects of their marketing—both offline and online. Here are three reasons why, as a seasoned print rep, you’re in a better position to sell digital than you may think:

You have the relationships. Six competitor calls per week may sound scary, but here’s the thing: those sales reps are strangers. They’re calling from companies your advertisers have probably never heard of before. When you call them up, however, there’s instant credibility that comes with your organization’s good name. As a local media company, you’ve built years of trust with the businesses in your community. As we’ve discussed before, trust is the #1 thing SMBs want from a digital provider. Those relationships are valuable, and—assuming you have the digital solutions to back them up—they give you a major leg up on your digital-only competitors.

You’re the only one taking a holistic approach. At the end of the day, your goal is to help local businesses get results. You’re not in the print-only camp, you’re not in the digital-only camp. You’re in the effective campaign camp. Unlike most new media companies who are only offering bits and pieces of the marketing puzzle, you can help your advertisers distribute their message across multiple print and digital platforms to reach the maximum number of customers at various touch points. As print exec Chris Holloway recently put it, “There is a dance developing between print marketing and digital media, and every day the dance becomes more harmonious and more lively.” You’re choreographing that dance, and that’s huge!

You’re a great listener. With so many advertising tools, tactics, and channels out there—and more popping up every day—chances are your advertisers are feeling a little overwhelmed. They need someone who is willing to listen to their needs and challenges. You know your advertisers, and you know your market. Your clients know you’re not there to feed them snake oil or pressure them to buy a product you both know they don’t need. You’re there to hear them out as their trusted advisor, and offer the solutions that best fit their needs.


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