7 Valuable SEO Tips for Classified Posting Services


7 Valuable SEO Tips for Classified Posting Services

Have you ever imagined that how classified ads can boost up your website ranking? How they can be utilized for implementing fruitful SEO strategies for business growth in the overseas market? No???? Well if you are an entrepreneur or are planning to be one, then you should know that Search Engine Optimization is the fundamental basis for online business marketing and branding. SEO consists of infinite number of techniques, strategies and tips which only results in profits and benefits to any business venture. Amongst all SEO strategies, classified ads are regarded as the most effective tool for promoting your business activities.

Beliefs vs Truths

Belief- Most webmasters believe that classified ads are generally used for the purpose of marketing or promoting only the marketable products of a firm, including events, products and services

Truth- Apart from the above highlighted basic usage, classified ad is also used as the best media to advertise any new business venture or service.


Belief- Classified ads are as good as marketing of an article, especially when their back-linking options are enabled in the promoter website.

Truth- Not all the websites for classified ad permits to post content with backlinks. Hence, before you start the promotion of classified ads, make sure to check the terms and conditions of several websites and jot down the few that allow backlinks.

SEO Perspective: Tips/Factors That Ensure Success of Selling an Item Online


Most people may not understand that the most viable way to reach out to potential customers is through online classified posting services. These services aim at promoting ads that are not forced upon online users but stand out to provide the best results. Listed below are some tips from an SEO point of view to increase the sales of your product/service:-

  • Style

A catchy classified ad is a boon to creative writing. The most important element of a classified ad should be its attractive and catchy title. If crafted correctly, the title can even act as the description of product/service. Never use ‘all caps’ for classified posting.

  • Include a Picture

Many online classified ads have the option to add a picture/image. This can be seen on many sites that are involved in buying or selling various products. The traditional newspaper ads do not have the option to include pictures. However, the sites for online classified ads can have a set of images.

  • Description

The description of an item propounds numerous opportunities to offer a short message to a potential customer. While writing the description, make sure to jot down enough details to give the reader a strong reason to seek more information. Do not omit necessary details as this would turn off a buyer. Be truthful about any shortcomings or defects.

  • List Uncommon Items

If you go through the FAQs related to classifieds carefully, you will find some items that are not listed as the company thinks ‘no one will want it’. This may be an item that is no longer being used or may be one piece of a set. One thing to remember is that, people look for such items to complete their collection. So, you might have a perfect item for the buyer, but until it would be listed in the ad, your buyer will never be attracted towards you.

  • Make Items Presentable

If you are selling a couch or a desk, make sure that it is cleaned and free of clutter before capturing a picture. Remove unnecessary items or accessories, to make the clearly visible to the buyer. If an item would be covered with unnecessary items, then it will portray the impression that something is hidden.

  • Pricing Items

Old items that are sold online are not often worth high dollar amounts. An item will never be sold if you do not set its price correctly. Before setting the price, just think yourself as the customer and judge the amount that you are willing to pay. Then, set the price accordingly. It is a general notion that items with a lower price found on classified ads are sold faster than others.

  • Occasional Posting

Post your ads occasionally, describing your profession or classified posting services on various paid/free websites. Never forget to post the information that you wish people to know about. For example, your company’s upcoming events, gatherings, exhibitions, business meets, expos and so on.

With these classified ads techniques and tips, you can now easily post your ads along with optimizing your business or website in the major search engines. You will now witness an increase in your product or service sale as well as increase in website traffic.


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