Top 5 things you should never say to your employees.

Top 5 things you should never say to your employees.

Being a boss, it is very important to manage the resources of the enterprise. Such as land , capital and most importantly the employees . Constant guidance, motivation and leadership is important to achieve the common goal. It depends upon the type of leadership style which an enterprise opts for , whether autocratic or democratic.Playing the role of a boss needs good behavior and team spirit to enhance the morale of the team at every step.

However as a boss there is a certain boundary you are expected not to cross. Some of the things are there you should never say to your employees. These are-

1) “Do work else i will fire you.”

Saying this just conveys how little you value your employees.One should motivate their employees at needed step or send the weaker ones right back into their shells. Be polite and offer suggestions as to how a job can be done better. Express confidence in your employee’s ability and tell them they are capable of delivering much better results.The Phrase above will only demotivate them and would create fear of loss.

2)“This is just a small client. ”

Never encourage or ask your staff to treat high-paying clients differently. It is part of your job to communicate well to your employees. A good boss sets a good example, inspires good work, acknowledges and praises their team’s achievements and never humiliates employees in public. Listen to your employees before you blurt out to them. Be empathetic to their needs. Remember, only motivated and loyal employees can take your company to success.

3)“Personal issues shouldn’t get in the way of your performance.”

As true as this statement is, it’s unrealistic. Everyone has his or her fair share of problems. Be sympathetic yet maintain expectations. Give employees some slack when times are tough and they’ll pay you back twofold.every worker is likely to face personal problems that he brings into the workplace. Health challenges, family issues, romantic relationship drama, financial problems are some of the example.

4)This is not our style to handle things.”

Sure, you have policies and procedures. But you also have employees creativity. Don’t stay locked into one way of doing things just because that’s how it has always been done. What untapped potential exists in your team because they are afraid of this type of reaction? Granted, employees need guidance and you can’t have everyone just doing their own thing. However, if you create a rigid culture, you won’t benefit from new ideas, and you may have more turnover, too, which will be expensive and inefficient.

5) “Do it because I said so!”

Threats are never a good idea. Employees, especially younger employees, will often ask why a task needs to be completed. And it’s not unreasonable to provide a little clarity and context on assignments—in fact, it’s good for their professional development to understand the bigger picture. No one should do what you want simply based on your title. However, keep in mind, this doesn’t mean that an employee can choose not to do something, just because he or she doesn’t like your response.


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