The Secret to Becoming a Successful Newspaper Delivery Carrier

The Secret to Becoming a Successful Newspaper Delivery Carrier 2.jpg
by Sylvia Guillemette

Welcome To Your Business!

When I started my first paper route at the age of 15 years old, I never knew that this was a business.  I didn’t have a clue!

It was only as I got older, that I realized that this is a huge part of the news business.  I was one of the most important parts of that business.

You are not just a news carrier. You are a business owner. You are in control of how the papers are handled and how they are delivered to the customer.

You are the first contact, the customer service person, the problem solver, and the person who gets results.  To do this, you must like people, want to help them, and do the best that you can do!

In return, you get more customers, you get more tips, and you get recognized for the amazing human being that you are.  If no one recognizes you, realize that you are the best you can be and that it’s only what you think that matters! 

I want to thank you in advance for all your hard work and dedication.  In reading this guide – you are on the way to building a successful life for yourself.

Always do your best and the rewards will come!  You’ll see!

To Your Success!

Sylvia Guillemette


You will need …

Route List(s) –

Customer names, addresses (paper location), phone number (if any)

Elastic Bands –

Always fold or roll the newspapers and band them.

Plastic Bags –

Put plastic on bags when the weather is going to be bad, but if the weather isn’t going to be bad, put a bag on anyway if the paper stays outside.

Notepad pen/pencil –

If you have to leave the customer a note or they need you to find some information out for them.

Any notices/letters –

Letters to send to customers

Coin Envelopes –

Deliver with paper on day before collection is due

Route List

When you first get a paper route, the best thing to do is to go and look over the streets and houses that you have to deliver to the day BEFORE you deliver the paper.  Note the place that the paper is to go.  This way, it will save you time delivering the paper to the customer.

If you are a young person, for safety’s sake, please take a friend with you and ALWAYS tell someone where you are going.  Too many things can happen when you are alone. 

Elastic Bands

ALWAYS put elastics on the papers.  I fold them in threes when they are small.  When they have ads in them, I roll them up and put bands on them to keep them from unrolling.  (Saturday they have to be rolled – too hard to fold.)

The idea of the elastic band is to keep the paper in one place, help it to stay together and not blow away on a windy day.  You should ALWAYS do this.

Customers will appreciate you more for taking the time to do this.  I am told all the time about how much they appreciate that small service.  Being appreciated will make you feel really good!


Plastic Bags

Please put papers in plastic and tie the ends even if it isn’t raining at the moment.  If you know it’s supposed to rain – do it.  If you know the paper is placed outside put it in plastic anyway and tie the end.  The paper will stay dry.

My customers NEVER get any wet papers!  I am proud of the fact that I can do a good service by keeping them dry at all times.

Customer Complaint – Customers DO NOT like WET papers!

*NOTE – some customers will go away for a few days and not notify you or the office. At least if they are in plastic, the papers are kept dry for when they return.  MAKE SURE YOU DO NOT LEAVE ANY MORE THAN 3 PAPERS!  The office has to be notified at 3 days.


I cannot stress this enough.  The customer wants their paper as soon as you can get it to them.  So when the papers come, please put them together and deliver them immediately.

If you are in school, then you have to wait until you get home.

Before going on the route, make sure you have something to drink (Gatorade, water, etc.) and to put the paper in the bands (and or plastic), and then deliver them right away.

Customer’s Complaint – LATE PAPERS

Carry a small notepad with pen/pencil

The notepad and writing item is to be used if you have to leave someone at a note or make a note of something.

For example: 

You get stung by a bee – you are allergic (make sure you have a bee sting kit with you or Benadryl tablets) and need to ask them to please check for any nests and remove them or suggest another place to put the paper. (I actually had to do this recently, as I am allergic to bee stings.)

If the customer wants you to do something special or needs a question answered – write it down.  You can call your DM (District Manager) and get an answer to their question. If they are not home when you go to bring them the answer, leave them a note.  They will appreciate it very much!

You want happy customers – not angry ones!
3d businessman courier driving


There are letters below that you can copy and give to your customers.  Make sure you fill in the blanks first. This will help your business to grow!

For the young business person or news carrier, you will find a welcome letter below.  The second letter is for ADULT CARRIERS ONLY. Thank you!

Dear Customer,

My name is ______________________ and I am your new Journal Inquirer paper delivery person.

I have been delivering your paper since _________________

__________________.  I hope you are happy with where your paper is being delivered?

I will be collecting every (other) week on day and day starting on _________________________(date).  I will stick a small brown coin envelope in with your paper to remind you on the the day before.

I will be collecting on day, ______ (date) and/or day, ______________ (date) and/or Saturday, ________ . I usually come after _______ (time) pm in the evening.

If you have any problems or questions, you can call me at home: _________________ (phone #).  I will do what I can to help you.

Thank you!

Very Sincerely Yours,

______________________________________________ Name and address here

Dear Customer,

My name is _____________________________ and I am your new (name of newspaper) delivery person.

I have been delivering your paper since __________________
______________(date).  I hope you are happy with where your paper is being delivered?

I will be collecting every other week on day and day starting on __________________________(date). I will stick a small brown coin envelope in with your paper to remind you on the day before.

This week I will be collecting on ________________(day) and _____________________(day). I usually come after _________ pm in the evening.

If you have any problems or questions, you can email me at: _________________________or you can call me at home:

___________________________ or you can call or text my cell at: ________________________.

Thank you!



Name and address here


You can go into any office supply store and ask for coin envelopes.  They are small enough for what you will need them for.

On the front of the envelope, I put the customer’s address, how much the customer owes, and how many weeks. ($0.00 per week, $0.00 every two weeks, $00.00 for 4 weeks)

I put this in the elastic part of the paper and deliver it the day before the payment is due in the collection week.  It gives the customer a reminder and it will make it easier for you to get paid!

I have found in the past, that when there is a customer you have a hard time collecting from, this helps to remove that problem.

My customers will stick the envelope on the door or where I put the paper or give it to me when I collect.  I make sure I deliver the envelope the next day (if left in the door or wherever), with “Thank You” written on the back and the receipts inside.

Make sure you have a collection book if you have carrier collects and that you are giving them the receipts!


I Recently, I set up a PayPal account at   (You have to be 18 years old to set up an account with PayPal.)  I registered for a personal account and I set up a credit card and a bank account. (I can download the cash from PayPal into my bank account.)

*After 60 days, you can order a PayPal debit card from them. The account has to be active for 60 days before they will issue it. Make sure you read the Terms of Service.

I sent out a PayPal letter to my customers allowing them another way to pay their carrier to collect money.  A lot of people nowadays are using a Bill Pay system from their bank to pay their bills online.  I am just trying to help people, by offering them another way to pay.

(Privacy Laws do not allow me to share your information with anyone without your permission.)


If you are going on vacation, and you know the dates, please let your customer know that you will be away, when and that there will be someone else doing the route for you.

I recently went on vacation. I was gone for 5 days. BEFORE I left, I made sure that I sent out a letter to the customers ONE WEEK before I went away.

They appreciated that I took the time to notify them that I was going away and that someone else would be there to cover for me. Never be afraid to let people know who you are, that you will be going on vacation or moving away.

You will find that your customers really care about you. If you do your job well, show you really care, then this “job” you will come to love as I do!

You may copy the letter below and fill in the blanks if you are going on vacation.  It is a vacation notice.

Vacation Notice

Dear Customer,

I will be going on vacation from ________________________(day/date) to _______________________________(day/date).

There will be someone to cover the route for me.

If you have questions, please call the office at 000-000-0000 option # whatever it is.  This is for the circulation department.

My district manager’s name is: ________________________ .

Please feel free to ask for them if you have a problem or question.

Thank you very much for your business!

Very Sincerely Yours,


Newspaper Carrier

Thank you for reading this Success Guide.  For that is what I have given to you.

Please remember that the customer ALWAYS wants to know who their carrier is if you are going on vacation and that you are willing to help them with anything that you can.

I hope that you will find that the money you now make will increase tenfold because you learned something that will help you.  This will help you to become a Success in whatever you do in the future!


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