Overcoming the Fear of Prospecting

If you’ve been in business any length of time, you know in order to grow, you have got to develop the skill of prospecting. There is just no way around it. Business is all about servicing the needs of people. Without people, there is no business.

So, what can you do when you are afraid, shy or even a little embarrassed about exposing people to your product or opportunity?

You just do it!

Really. ACTION TRUMPS FEAR every time!

Now, that’s probably not the answer you wanted to hear, but it’s a simple truth. Like it or not, if you want the life freedom lifestyle that probably motivated you to start your business in the first place, you’ve got to learn how to overcome the fear of prospecting.

Don’t think I’m being insensitive…believe me when I say, I’m as introverted as they come. Prospecting has never been my strong suit. I’ve just learned a few tricks that make it easier to expose my business to others, without feeling like I’m being pushy or annoying.

Tip # 1 – Think about your reason why you started your business in the first place. Yes, sounds so cliche, but when you truly envision what owning your own business can do for you and your family, many times that is the inspiration you need to move ahead.

My desire to be a full-time, stay-at-home mom is what keeps me in the game! For me, the thought of having to put my children in daycare, and them spending the majority of their day with a stranger, drives me to do the things in my business that scare me.

The next time you get afraid to open your mouth, or pick up the phone, think about why you got started.

Tip # 2 – Practice makes perfect. The more you do it, the better you become at it. I used to literally hate the phone (well, not really the phone, more so what the person on the other end would say or think about me). I told you I am a serious introvert.

But again, it was either pick up the phone and talk to people or go back into the workforce. Something I really did not want to do. Instead, I studied people in the industry whom I admired, and the individuals in my own company, who captured my attention.

When I listened to them speak, or present, I was attentive to the words they used. I took note of their facial expression and body language. I wrote my own scripts and modeled what I learned from others until I found my own groove. Guess what? The more I did it, the more confident I felt, and the easier it became.

The same can happen for you if you commit to working at it.

Tip # 3 – Being an introvert is not something I use as a crutch. I may not be an “in your face” kind of person, but I do know how to communicate effectively. My way of prospecting was learning how to market properly.

I choose to use the power of the internet to get prospects coming to me, instead of me going out hunting for them. It’s a lot easier this way. The combination of email, blogging, and social media, provides a way to attract the kind of people, I want to work with.

Marketing like this has been my way of helping people get to know me better, by giving value (just like this post you’re reading!) So much so, they initiate communication with me by email or by phone, ready to work with me!

Imagine how much more smoother a phone conversation goes when your prospect has pre-qualified themself, and you’re not convincing them, but rather in a position of confirming their decision!

Look at it like this…

Remember the last time you got hired? The same way you had to train on that new job and learn the skills for your new position, you have to do the same when it comes to prospecting. Now, your job is helping people, and one of the skills you need to learn is prospecting.

The only difference is, in your “position” as an entrepreneur, training occurs in the field, while you get hands on experience.


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