56 Words and Phrases That Make Prospects Want to Buy

56 Words and Phrases That Make Prospects Want to Buy

Here’s an example of selling the steak vs. the sizzle: Steak: “This is a gadget. It contains feature X and feature Y. It is A by B square feet, and comes in five colors.”

Sizzle: “Want more revenue, increased customer satisfaction, and easier transactions? This gadget can help you achieve all three of these goals.”

Which sales rep would you buy from? It’s a no-brainer.

Word choice can make or break a deal. Even if you offer the best product on the market by a mile, you’ll have a hard time selling it without the right positioning.

The infographic below, created by Uberflip, provides a quick science lesson on the importance of wording, as well as a throwback ad that shows emotional words are just as powerful now as they ever were. Scroll to the final section for 56 unique words and phrases that conjure powerful feelings in your prospects, and make them more likely to buy.



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