How to Engage Cold Prospects

How to Engage Cold Prospects

By Mark Hunter

How many times have you had what you thought was a great prospect go cold on you?

We all have, and it’s frustrating to say the least when you’ve spent countless hours working hard to develop the prospect, knowing how much you can help them.

You try to follow up time after time, all to no avail. You bounce from one technique to another, all in the search for the perfect way to get the cold prospect to turn hot.  Along they way, you wonder if it was something you said or didn’t say that turned them off.

For years I struggled with this issue, and it caused me to lose a large number of sales until I learned a few key things.

Prospects go cold for one of four reasons:

First, the issue they thought they had is simply no longer an issue and thus there’s no need for them to talk with you anymore.

Second, a competitor swooped in and took the business from you.

Third, the customer has a need, but they don’t believe you can help them with it.

Fourth, the customer has a need, but they have other items they need to deal with first.

Each one of the four reasons has a logical solution, but you first have to be confident in knowing which one of the four reasons is the real reason the customer is not responding.

Your problem is you can’t find out the real reason because the prospect isn’t responding to you. What’s the solution?

The first thing to do is to make sure each of your communications connects back to a specific item the customer shared with you in a previous conversation. Link what they shared to a question you have for them that in turn creates a specific call to action/respond.


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