How to Help Struggling Reps Think Like Superstars

How to Help Struggling Reps Think Like Superstars

Often, boosting the performance of individual reps is simply a matter of changing their mindset.

That’s right – the difference between your superstars and your laggards isn’t necessarily territory, timing, luck, or any other factor outside their control. They simply think differently.

In his book Secrets of the Millionaire Mind, T. Harv Eker lays out the following principles of success that separate rich and poor people, or successful and struggling reps. Ask your reps to internalize these principles and follow them every day.

Rich people believe, “I create my life;” poor people believe, “Life happens to me.” Successful reps know they create their own opportunities. They never blame, justify or complain; they take the bull by the proverbial horns. Struggling reps always have a reason why they’re struggling.

Rich people think big; poor people think small. Superstar reps look for the Fortune 500 opportunities and then go for the huge deals. They pound again and again and again until they have a meeting, and then a deal.

Rich people focus on opportunities; poor people focus on obstacles. Successful reps see a “no” as an opportunity to convince and persuade. They see a hard-to-reach prospect as a challenge to overcome.

Rich people associate with positive, successful people; poor people associate with negative people.Ever notice who on your team hangs together? Chances are, your star performers gravitate to one another – if they’re ever in the office – while your mediocre performers band together at the coffee maker to complain about how tough it is out there. The reason: “Successful people look at other successful people as models to learn from,” explains Eker. “Energy is contagious.”

Rich people act in spite of fear; poor people let fear stop them. Many reps fear giving presentations, making cold calls or undertaking any other project that might end in rejection. Thus, either consciously or unconsciously, they seek to avoid these situations. Top performers dive in and forge ahead in spite of these fears.

Rich people constantly learn and grow; poor people think they already know. Struggling reps are always trying to prove they’re right. They don’t want to be wrong. But always being right means having a hold on old ways of thinking. New ways of thinking and new ideas can give you new results – and successful salespeople know it.


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