Social Media Listening

Social Media Listening

The internet is a world in itself and with every brand making its presence online, it is important to decode what the customers are saying about you. Social Media Listening is a process which allows you to track and monitor conversations around specific words. It can bring in the index just like a search engine and represent the data in metrics or dashboard form for further analysis and research.

If you try to understand more, it helps you discover not only about your brand but also about your competitors and categories across all channels and the demographics involved. When used effectively, it helps you measure your brand awareness, its sentiment, and health.

Here’s how Social Media Listening helps you:

·        Knowing what people say about your brand

You can be as broad or specific here. You can start by using keywords or filtering categories related to your brand and know what your target audience is talking about you, where are they having these conversations and what are some related trending topics. You can get more specific by searching for particular brand offers.

The other side to this is that the entirety of such conversations can be very overwhelming. You can manage the overload by focusing on one thing at a time. At first, you can look into a general conversation, then what is going on around your brand, then your product and so on.

·        Knowing the demographics

Knowing various factors about your audiences like their age range and their gender helps you chalk out a plan in a way that benefits both the sides. It gives you a deeper understanding of how responses vary with respect to different demographics and if there is a segment you haven’t tapped into their full potential. With all this data in front of you, you can effectively plan on how to target your market and who are your actual buyers.

·        Your Brand Sentiment

It is thrilling to know the positive and negative things people are talking about your brand. With an insight to what they’re saying about your competitors, your category and the way it is skewing in general, will help you strategize your future plans.

·        Identifying Influencers and Micro-Influencers

Identifying Influencers and Micro-Influencers gets easier with the help of Social Media Listening. You can take steps to measure, manage, build and grow relationships with the power of your brand and your association with influencers.

·        Create More Shareable Content

Social media is filled with ideas. It helps you discover trending themes and find inspiration for your work. Learning about which pieces of earned media people are seeing and engaging with most will help you build more effective content.


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