You Know You Have a Sales Personality When…

You Know You Have a Sales Personality When…

By Arianna Miskel

I’m sure you’ve heard it as some point in your career, or maybe even before you started working in sales: “you are a natural salesperson!” or “you have such a sales personality!”. This might seem taboo, but believe it or not, there’s a certain type of person that succeeds in sales.

You, as an exemplary sales personality, probably hate having lulls or periods of time where you’re not busy or working on something or talking to someone. You probably would consider yourself an over-achiever, a go-getter, and a quick-thinking problem solver.

As a someone with a career in sales, you have to wear a lot of hats. Sometimes you’re a motivational coach, sometimes you’re a teacher, and sometimes you’re detective. With that said:

You know you have a sales personality when…

You have thick skin:

I’m not sure there is another profession that involves more rejection on an everyday basis. Even actors and actresses have the luxury of their rejection being spread out over a longer period of time than a 10-second phone call. A sales personality means you’re optimistic: you can bounce back from a cold, hard “no” in mere seconds, ready to tackle the next lead.

You have great emotional intelligence:

Stress is a common feeling for people in sales. Without emotional intelligence, the stress of an end-of-quarter crunch would completely decimate you. Additionally, high emotional intelligence means you know how to manage not only your own emotions but the emotions of others. This helps whether you’re managing a team, selling to a prospect, or working alongside other people.

You are a team player:

Someone with a sales personality knows when it’s time to shine and when it’s time to share. You wouldn’t be where you are without the help and/or guidance of others. You do your part in sharing best practices so help elevate the team and company as a whole.

You use Behavioral/Personality Assessments:

If you’ve never heard of the Meyers-Brigg Type Indicator (MBTI), it’s definitely a great idea to check it out now. [click here] This assessment tells you if your personality is actually a sales personality, or if it may just be a phase. Assessments are not only great for self-knowledge, they’re a prophecy for when you’re hiring or creating teams. The “best” personality train for a salesperson is considered someone with ESFP or ESFJ. Here at CFS, we actually have a personality assessment built into our hiring process and promote it as a best practice to our clients.

Click here to learn how a personality assessment can change the way your team sells.

Ultimately, a sales personality covers a wide spectrum of traits. While some people may be knocking down the “doors” of leads and prospects, others might take a more soft approach to selling. In the end, a sales personality is that of a hard worker, an optimist, and a coffee drinker!

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