How to Write a Press Release that Gets Attention

Great Press Release Topics - Find Your Inspiration

by Frank Strong of PRWeb.

Writing good content for a blog is only half of the equation: promoting your blog to drive traffic is the other half.

Previously we offered five reasons to promote your blog with press releases as part of an overall content marketing strategy. This post provides a few tips on how to write a press release for maximum media exposure.

1. Create compelling headlines.

Should you use a sexy headline that attracts eyeballs or a headline stuffed with keywords for search? We’ve always found that people read content, not search engines, so while it’s important to include keywords in your headline where possible, only use them when they make sense in context.

Just like the subject line of an email invites a recipient to open a message, headlines should compel a reader to consume your content.

2. Draw the reader in with the lead.

The first sentence of the body—the lead—should compel the viewer to keep reading (think: time-on-page). Traditional PR pros will tell you to write using an inverted pyramid, where the content flows top down and the first paragraph explains the five Ws: the who, what, when, where and why.

There’s nothing wrong with that, however, we think the use of press releases has evolved, where they once were primarily used to provide a news hook to the media in order to reach an audience, they now can also reach that audience directly.

As such, in some cases, the press release is the story and the better performing releases (in terms of page reads) we’ve seen read like the story—complete with a powerful lead.

3. Use anchor text links.

It’s a fundamental, but often overlooked, point: anchor text links are pivotal! Be sure to hyperlink your keywords to pages on your blog that are optimized for the same keywords.

This ensures that when press release syndication network distributes the content, your keywords are still hyperlinked to the content you’re promoting. Once again, people read content, so ensure that the keywords make sense in the structure and flow of your copy.

4. Include a powerful call to action.

You’ve written a release with compelling headlines and copy that drew the reader in. Now, what action would you like people to take? Invite them to take that action. For many blogs, this would be to visit the blog, subscribe via RSS, or sign up for email alerts on new posts.

5. Choose a strong press release topic.

Stuck for press release ideas? We have a list of hot topics for press releases. When you’re coming up with an idea, the trick is to think like a PR pro—what about your blog, personal life, or business could you see being picked up by the mainstream media? What is the “remarkable” story you have to share?

Great Press Release Topics – Find Your Inspiration

creative-small-business-marketing-lgRemember, the news is just this – timely, interesting, unique, useful or informative content. You created your organization for a reason. People work with you and buy from you for a reason. Those reasons are your news. And news appeals to everyone. Write those stories up and get them out there. You’ll be surprised who’s listening.

Here are some great press release topics that you should be writing about in your press releases.

Company Growth, Milestones, and Strategy Shifts

  • New website or significant upgrade to existing website
  • Creation of a new company or spin-off
  • Milestone accomplishments
  • Company anniversary (eg. 50 years in business)
  • New office opening or relocation
  • Company Name Change
  • Strategic partnerships and alliances
  • New executives and other personnel changes
  • Transfer in ownership
  • Company reorganization
  • Holiday-related sales
  • Major steps towards “going green”
  • Stock offerings
  • Financial and earnings updates
  • Securing business funding or credit – including venture capital or angel investments

Products and Pricing Promotions

  • New website or significant upgrade to existing website
  • Free shipping offer/changes in shipping rates
  • New products and services
  • Product name change
  • New product production process
  • New products, services, pricing and promotions
  • New contests and sweepstakes
  • Holiday-related sales and promotions
  • Unique and new uses for existing products
  • New promotional programs like referral rewards
  • Free consultations, trial offers, and samples

Market Trends and Thought Leadership

  • New market studies, surveys, and polls
  • Helpful tips for customers, related to your business
  • Market trends affecting your business
  • A new award win
  • Milestone accomplishments
  • Free educational information, ebooks, newsletters and white papers
  • Media and speaker appearances by executives
  • Inspirational stories related to your business
  • Predictions for your industry and supporting market analyst information
  • Educational online and in-person events
  • New technology trends affecting your industry
  • Informative industry scam information
  • Expert opinion on an important subject within your industry
  • Debunking of common “myths” related to your industry
  • Tips sheets or feature stories like “Top 10 Valentine Gifts,”  “Top 10 Common Mistakes of Social Media Marketing” or “How to Land a Job in 30 days.”
  • Commentary and product or business tie-ins to current events
  • News of the Weird: an outrageous claim or outlandish event like “Coffee Shop offers gourmet $200 latte!”

Customer Wins and Endorsements

  • Significant customer win and case studies
  • Customer acquisition milestones (100th customer, 500th customer, 1 million customers, etc)
  • Celebrity and public figure endorsements or product purchase (be sure to get approval).


  • Business rebranding
  • New website or significant upgrade to existing website
  • Company name change
  • Product name change

Community and Charity

  • Involvement with a charity
  • Local event or team sponsorships
  • Recent charitable contributions
  • Inspirational stories
  • Internship Programs
  • Pro bono work


  • Scheduling of in-person seminars
  • Success of events
  • Appearance at a trade show
  • Scheduling and success of Web events
  • Event sponsorship
  • Holiday-related events

Legal and Crisis Communications

  • Transfer in ownership, if public
  • Company reorganization, if public
  • Filing a lawsuit
  • Response to being named in a lawsuit
  • Response to accusations against your company or industry
  • Initial Public Offering or plans and timelines to go public
  • Stock offerings
  • Financial and earnings updates
  • Securing business funding or credit – including venture capital or angel investments


While those are big-ticket themes, a more tactical approach would be to publish a release about your most popular posts—the top ten of the year, or the five most-read every quarter (or month if you’re a prolific blogger). Your release content should focus on the trend. For example, why are readers consuming those specific posts?Have you used a press release to promote your post? What tips can you add to this list?


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