The dos and don’ts of Holiday email marketing

The dos and don’ts of Holiday email marketing.jpg

#1.  Set the holiday mood

You don’t need bells and whistles in an email. Use our free and responsive Christmas email template or themes to set the mood. 

Just a Simple Home Newsletter made with MailerLite

#2. Think mobile first

Remember, people are in a hurry during the holidays. They will open even more emails on mobile. Design an email with a short text, big photos, and clear call–to–action.

Make sure readers can get your message in seconds. Use photos, gifs or videos for that. Video block can help a lot. It automatically generates a gif from a link to your video.

Ikea Christmas Newsletter made with MailerLite

#3. Let subject lines show what is inside the email

Want to stand out in your customers’ inboxes? Use emojis and personalization.

Names will allow you to capture their attention. Emojis let squeeze a lot of information in several characters. And the subject lines become very visible.

Don’t forget to use preheader. Litmus reported that better preheader text increased their click-through rates over 30%. It’s especially important for emails that are open on mobile. iPhone cuts off subject lines after 35 characters in portrait view but displays about 140 characters of preheader.

Continue the conversation from your subject line. Preheader text is a great chance to elaborate on your subject line, expanding on that same thought or idea. Write a preheader that is a continuation from the subject line.

#4. Use urgency psychology to improve conversions

Countdown timer is a powerful trigger for urgency. Our brains can’t ignore moving objects and compels action.

You can have timed sales prices, count days until Christmas or give readers a deadline for a particular shipping or delivery date.

#5. Don’t just promote your products – motivate your customers to buy instead

Bring value in emails. Be customer-centric. Send them gift ideas, home decoration tips, photos of fashionable holiday outfits and make them smile. Give and then ask!

For example, Morning Levender gives ideas for the outfits instead of just selling the clothes:

Morning Lavender Christmas Newsletter made with MailerLite

#6. Send proactive emails

Emails should be a two-way street. Educate your audience to react to your emails. Make it a habit. Ask them to reply, click, comment, forward the email to their friends. This is how they will get more engaged and click on the link when you sell something.

Think what do you want your customer to do after reading the email? Only one action. Like, encounter or treasure hunt. You do this, get to the point, you get the next task.

By the way, one of the most successful email campaigns are surveys. People love talking about themselves.

You can offer a gift as an incentive. Like, Tala LED does

Tala Christmas Newsletter made with MailerLite

#7. Create automation and enjoy holidays

Automation is a great way to scale and be relevant. Save your customers time solving the issues and they will be grateful.

For example, you can create a landing page where a reader can choose gifts according to the particular interests or different price ranges. And then set up automation. It means that people will get sequence of email according to the topic that they interested in.

Tesco Christmas Newsletter made with MailerLite

#8. Try different sending times

Consider sending email on less-heavy days such as weekends. The click-through rate is the biggest on weekends.

#9. Say ‘Thank You’

The simply polite thing goes beyond good manners – it also serves to build and maintain social relationships. Christmas is a wonderful opportunity to make a connection with the customer.

‘Thank You’ email may include email:

  • Sincere ‘thank you’ and a photo or a video with  your team
  • Sneak peek to the future. Introduce new products or features that you are planning for the coming year. Let your customers be the first to know the good news, especially if they are going to benefit from that.
  • Small gift. It might be an e-book about insights of your industry. You may give priority access to your new product, new feature, article, video, recipe of Christmas drink or holiday playlist.

Lime Shift Christmas Newsletter made with MailerLite

#10. Don’t forget A/B tests.

Remember, you can use A/B split tests to check which subject line or what content (for example, with or without countdown timer) performs better. Give at least 4-5 hours for the results to decide the winning A/B version. Make the most of this powerful feature.

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