Top 10 Social Media Blogging Tools for Beginners

 Top 10 Social Media Blogging Tools for Beginners2

Why use Social media sites as content sharing platforms for blogging? – The presence of social media sites over the World Wide Web is increasing manifold every day, and the best social media websites have become dominant in the blogging world due to their sheer power of delivering boundless referral + search engine traffic to active blogs and websites they love.

This has made a big makeshift. Every blogger must have to rely on the top social media sites to get a good part of the overall traffic to their web pages. Social media traffic is an integral part of blogging in order to promote your blog sites. SEO experts and bloggers do include these top social media sites in their list of best SEO tools to promote blogs or websites fast.

For better results in your blogging area, you must share your blog content and on these best social sharing platforms.

Here in this blog post, you would get a list of top social media tools where you should be active to promote your blog. Create, curate, share, and participate are the rules that are going to be in the top place of your SEO or blogging tools list.

10 Most Prominent Ways to Promote your Blogs with the Help of Social Media Tools. Online Tools for Successful Blogging.

#1. Create pages about your blog on some of the most popular social media sites-

It’s a known fact: Google, Yahoo, Bing -they all love the content shared on Social media Networking sites.

So, go ahead, hurry up, n’ create social media pages for your blog at least on the following social media giants: Facebook, Google Plus, and Twitter,

#2. Sharing your blog posts on social bookmarking sites-

Sharing your content on social bookmarking sites is very crucial, at least on Pinterest, Delicious, Reddit, Stumbleupon, Yahoo Bookmarks, Google Bookmarks, FriendFeed.
You may get the list of 1000’s good bookmarking sites easily, but for the best and safe results try Best 100 bookmarking sites.

#3. Google, Yahoo bookmarking –

Do you know that you can submit bookmarks to Google and Yahoo? if not, submit every URL of your blog to Google and Yahoo bookmarks and get a weight-age on their search results. Submit free to best bookmarking offered by search engine giants –
Google Bookmarks  Yahoo Bookmarks

Drive social media traffic by being active on social sharing sites :


A marvelous community site which is growing very rapidly and can be seen on any search engine’s results pages. 

Answer others questions and ask yourself on the topics your blog is based on. Don’t worry, they have topics based on any subject and interests. You may follow topics and share everything you create. While answering the questions you can use your links, and most importantly can create blogs, posts, topics of your own.


Listly is a great tool for bloggers that can be used to drive good traffic and backlinks towards your blog posts. Make things in forms of lists. Other publishers can share, add, and follow your lists.

In this way, you can promote your blog to a bigger audience. Make your profile, share it on other networks. Listly is a great web where you should create your portfolio. All is free.


Believe me, Scoop.It is here to stay forever. Very promising and fast-growing social sharing site that works on the basis of creation and curation. You can curate others content, connect, and share your posts automatically on Facebook, Twitter, Google, Tumblr, Yahoo, WordPress, etc.

You may have already seen content coming in Google searches. Don’t believe? Ok, search for “best bookmarking software” in Google and the 4th website link is from Scoop.It .

#7. Plurk

Plurk is not only a bookmarking site as though by many, but a full-fledged networking site with their own search engine where people make searches and results are displayed only from Plurk content. That’s the reason bloggers use Plurk to promote their posts on this reputed system. Plurk has a system that works based on sharing and viral capabilities. Promote your blogs on Plurk

#8. MyLot

A very supportive and encouraging community of bloggers and webmaster that always stay alive and active @MyLot. Write, share small posts that get good community response and web traffic. Blog and Blogging at MyLot

#9. Gravatar –

Everyone who is active only has their own portfolio or Avatar. Agreed? and what is the best website that offers online Avatar creating services? I know, most of you know that it’s none other than Gravatar.

So, create and optimize your online profile at Gravatar which you can also use on blogs that allow comments from Gravatar users. In this way, when a comment on such blogs your Avatar is visible and it makes good sense for getting some traffic to your own sites. You may follow me on Gravatar and will follow you back – promise!

#10. Web 2.0 sites-

Web 2.0 sites are great tools for blogging and you can promote and rank higher your blog posts by making your profiles and creating some unique articles on them with outgoing links pointing to your blog domain.

Create some unique posts on,, Weebly, LiveJournal, Tumblr, Scribd, Google Groups, my opera, etc. You can also create link wheel using these best Web 2.0 sites.

# Yahoo Answers –

You must be already familiar with the fact how so much ‘Yahoo Answers’ appear in the search engine results for the queries/keywords put in question formats.

There is a very active community on Yahoo Answers and this could be a good source of viral traffic as well as high-quality backlinks that stay active for years. ‘Yahoo Answers’ is a country-specific community.

Yahoo USA 

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