Out-of-office Messages Tips


by  SalesWings Team

Out-of-office Messages Tip #1:

Be helpful!

Since being helpful is probably one of the most important traits of a salesperson, it’s definitely valid for OOO messages.

Someone writing to you may have questions or may need guidance on your product or service. Here’s a couple of ways you can do this:

  • Provide contact details of a colleague that can help
  • Tell them by when you return, and by when you will reply
  • Provide your mobile phone number (if you want and can be reachable)
  • Provide a link to your helpdesk, helpline or support email
  • Provide guidance where else someone can find help
  • Put a small FAQ at the bottom of your OOO message
  • Let the person know when you’re back


Out-of-office Messages Tip #2:

(Always) Be closing!

Timing is an important element of sales, and while you may be out for holidays or traveling, your prospect may be HOT to do business with you. Our Saleswings lead tracking may not work here, but, don’t despair!

If that prospect is ready to take action towards a purchase decision, definitely let him know how what steps he can take to evaluate you as a supplier.

  • Include an exclusive OOO promo code – valid until you’re back in the office
  • Give a link to a free trial sign-up page
  • Send a link towards your demo videos
  • Include a link towards a page to sign-up for sales webinars
  • Include a customer testimonial in your signature
  • Provide a link to book a meeting with you for the post-OOO period


Out-of-office Messages Tip #3:

Be original!

Why put boring OOO messages? And why put generic ones? Put a personal – yet professional – touch, in accordance with what your company and you stand for.

Business happens between people, not robots, so signing off with your name and a personal note is absolutely key.

  • Sign off with your name!
  • Wish others a nice holiday time or happy New Years (if it’s an official holiday – of course!)
  • Say something like “Oh, looks like nobody answering on the other line”
  • Add a funny animated GIF (only if it’s fine with your company’s corporate identity – may wanna check)
  • Put a picture in your signature
  • Tell a bit more why you’re OOO, such as: “I love my job, but everyone needs some time off, so I decided to go to the mountains for extensive hikes with my family”
  • Put a smiley…. it can do wonders

Going that extra mile in sales may just start with your Out-of-office message.

So go ahead and build a great out-of-office message now, and Happy Holidays 

PS: Don’t forget to turn your OOO off! 


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