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In a digital age, digital marketing is the fashionable choice when it comes to businesses deploying their marketing dollars. Members of a digital culture, we get wrapped up in the belief that new things are intrinsically better than older ones, but the facts tell a different story. Science demonstrates that print offers a range of benefits that digital marketing cannot provide. Learn and take full advantage of them with CHIL print.



A study coordinated by Canada Post and neuro-marketing agency TrueImpact analyzed the comparative benefits of direct mail marketing to digital media, and the results were shocking.

The study demonstrated that print media (in this case direct mail), offered a range of benefits over digital media to marketers, claiming that “direct mail requires 21% less cognitive effort to process than digital media… suggesting it is both easier to understand and more memorable.”

neuroscience print  5 Reasons Print Will Ignite Your Marketing in 2017 neuroscience printWhen asked to recall the company name of an ad they had just seen, recall was 70% higher for those exposed to direct mail than those exposed to digital ads.

Print was also shown to be a far more persuasive and powerful motivator of action, eliciting a motivation response that was 20% higher than that produced by digital equivalents.

These are just a few results picked from a massive wealth of results that demonstrate the unique benefits of print. Despite the fact that we are living in a digital age, the science shows that analog marketing methods like direct mail still offer significant value to achieving your marketing objectives.



Millennials are the digital generation, but that doesn’t mean that digital channels are the path to reaching them. It’s easy to get caught up in wondering ‘how’ millennials access, consume, and engage with information; but it’s a far more valuable to consider why.

When it comes to relating positively with brands, Millennials value connection, legitimacy, and authenticity. These are three virtues that analog media like print are fundamentally more capable of providing. Studies show that the Millennial generation feels that physical media like cards and letters make them feel more connected than digital equivalents, and it isn’t hard to understand why:

Consider how you might feel receiving a snail-mail letter from someone as compared to an email, or receiving an accolade in the form of a plaque or framed certificate as compared to a digital equivalent. Holding something in your hands connects you to a message in a way that digital media cannot, impressing a sense of legitimacy and authenticity that anyone can value.



Grounding the claim of print’s ability to enhance the legitimacy, authenticity, and connection with brand messages over digital media; consider the results of a 2009 study performed by Bangor University and branding agency Milward Brown.

By exposing study participants to a range of marketing materials while analyzing neurological patterns revealed by fMRI scans, these scientists revealed valuable insight into how humans perceive messages presented by different media. The study demonstrated that:

  • MRI Scan  5 Reasons Print Will Ignite Your Marketing in 2017 MRI Scan“Physical material is more ‘real’ to the brain. It has meaning and a place. It is better connected to memory because it engages with spacial memory networks”
  • “Physical material involves more emotional processing, which is important for memory and brand associations”
  • “Physical materials produced more brain responses connected with internal feelings, suggesting greater ‘internalization’ of the ads”

This study demonstrates through rigorous neuroscience that there is something objectively ‘special’ about physical media like print. Messages that exist in space, that we can touch and feel as well as read, generate a deeper and more impactful experience than non-spatial alternatives.



Social media and online content are all popular parts of the modern marketing mix but have lost much of the novelty that helped spur their rise to prominence. Now completely ‘regular’, in 2017 marketers can no longer depend on the ‘newness’ of social media and online content to excite and engage audiences.

novelty of print  5 Reasons Print Will Ignite Your Marketing in 2017 Print PressIn this context, print media has become the new ‘new’ for marketing audiences. A pendulum has swing towards digital marketing channels over the past decade, but has reached its highest point and is making its way back to analog! Physical media is quickly becoming today’s source for exciting novelty, the ‘new’ that marketers can depend on to attract the attention of audiences and spur their engagement.

Of course, relying on the nature of print media alone to achieve your marketing objectives is not enough. Print has distinct strengths, but only through inspired design that leverages its strengths can you expect to inspire your audience.



Digital media is powerful, but also can be overwhelming. Everything online competes for your limited attention, and it’s draining! Something as simple as trying to read an article on your phone can quickly become complex as notifications, pings, messages, emails, alerts, and alarms all fight with each other for your limited screen space.

Print does not do this. It provides a mental oasis from the hurricane of information that our devices can overwhelm us with, which helps explain why print is becoming more popular in our digital age. A single source of information, we are free to digest it at our leisure without the need to invest energy quieting the hundreds of background voices all vying to stand center-stage.

Neuroscience shows that print opens up a reader’s mental bandwidth. Not only does the lessened requirement to filter competing sources of information make a reader more relaxed, but it increases their comprehension and recall of information. Without a convenient scroll wheel or search function, readers are significantly less likely to skim through content, providing writers and readers enhanced opportunity to explore thoughts and ideas in-depth!



The science shows that print, is a powerful platform to drive engagement with your marketing materials, but it is important to recognize that having a strong platform is not in-and-of-itself enough to guarantee the success of your marketing objectives.

You can have the strongest platform in the world, but if you use it to present a weak message, you undermine your efforts. Science shows that print is a highly capable method for marketing success, but the Art of print marketing is the key to actually realizing it.
Science, studies, and rigorous analysis can provide us all sorts of information on the successes and failures of past marketing efforts performed by other people. But only by incorporating the insights science reveals with the creativity and imagination of the artistic process can you maximize the success of your marketing efforts now.
print art  5 Reasons Print Will Ignite Your Marketing in 2017 print art

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