Sales Pitch Worksheet

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Teachable’s Sales Pitch Worksheet


Use this workbook to follow along and craft your own powerful sales pith!


How to use this worksheet:

Just go to File and click on Make a copy to save a version of this worksheet on your own Google Drive.


Alternatively, you can go to File, click on Download as, and select Microsoft Word.


Before your start: What is your product and who is your target audience


Write down short descriptions 


  1. Your product/course:


  1. Your target audience:


Step 1: Identify the need

Answer the following questions focusing exclusively on your target customers.


  1. What is your target customer struggling with?


  1. What do they want to accomplish?


  1. What are the biggest obstacles preventing them from reaching their goal?


Step 2: Communicate value


Answer these questions by focusing on benefits and NOT features:

  1. What does your potential customer want to accomplish?


  1. How can you solve that problem for them?


  1. What is the product that will deliver on that promise?


Step 3: Writing an exciting, specific, and benefit-driven name

Answer these questions to come up with a story for your pitch:

  1. Why are you qualified to offer a solution to your target customer’s problems?


  1. What allowed you to create the product that will solve their problem?


  1. Which anecdote or story reflects your struggle towards solving this problem for yourself?


Step 4: Write your pitch

Put your pitch together using your answers to the questions above, by following this sales copy formula:

  • Write an attention-grabbing headline
  • Tell your personal story (problem)
  • Present the end of your journey (how you got to the solution)
  • Connect your story with the reader’s story
  • Present a shortcut to the solution (product)
  • Explain the benefits
  • Present the offer
  • Call to action
  • (Optional) Add a bonus and introduce scarcity


Write your sales pitch:


That’s it! Now go get ‘em!


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