The Best Sales Job Boards for Finding or Filling a Sales Job

The Best Sales Job Boards for Finding or Filling a Sales Job.jpg

According to Glassdoor, 68% of salespeople are currently looking for a new job. That might surprise you … but it probably doesn’t. Heck, you might even be in the process of sending out applications as you read this. Just in case you’re thinking the grass might be greener on the other side, we’ve scoured the internet to identify the best sites for sales jobs.

Not finding the perfect sales position for you? Try searching these boards — some sales-specific, and others more general.

Sales Job Boards

  1. Sales Gravy
  4. AA-ISP
  5. SalesTrax
  6. TheLions
  7. Medzilla
  8. The Ladders
  9. Craigslist
  10. LinkedIn
  11. Indeed
  12. AngelList
  13. Glassdoor
  14. Monster

Sales-Specific Sites

1) Sales Gravy

Sales jobs from VP to entry-level broken out by industry and location. Not actively looking at the moment? Join Sales Gravy’s talent community and let the recruiters come to you. It’s all gravy.


While you can find sales jobs of all levels on this site (it’s called SalesJobs, after all), most listings seems to skew toward the individual contributor level.


If you read the site name as “sales leads” (I did at first), you are truly a born salesperson. Additional resources include a personality assessment and resume critique services.

4) AA-ISP Inside Sales Career Center

If you know you want to work in inside sales, look no further. Leverage the American Association of Inside Sales Professionals’ network by posting your resume to their career center.

5) SalesTrax

Prefer to apply in person? In addition to the online job board, SalesTrax also conducts regular job fairs in a variety of cities.

6) TheLions

If you’re looking for a sales job at a tech company or startup, start and end your search with a roar.

7) Medzilla

If pharma is more your scene, zip over to Medzilla.

8) The Ladders

If you’re a sales executive looking for a higher paying job, The Ladders is your pot of gold. A job board specializing in $100K+ jobs, Ladders promises you access to 20,000 recruiters and more than 200,000 jobs.

Non-Sales Job Boards

9) Craigslist

What can’t you find on Craigslist? Business development and sales jobs are broken out into their own separate category, so there’s no need to search in the broader database.

10) LinkedIn

Don’t apply cold — mine your network for referrals. When you click on a job listing in LinkedIn, the social media site will automatically show you if you have any connections who work for the company. In addition, you can see who posted the job and take a quick look at their profile to stealthily introduce yourself.

11) Indeed

Indeed’s claim to fame is the sheer number of jobs it aggregates in a single place. Want to find all the sales jobs? Start here.

12) AngelList

Want to work at a startup? AngelList is the place to look. Create a profile, easily filter sales jobs, and find early-, mid-, or late-stage startups that interest you.

13) Glassdoor

Glassdoor gives sales job seekers visibility into employer brand and rating before you submit your resume. Save yourself the pain of an ill fit down the road.

14) Monster

Monster is one of the original online job boards, and it’s still one of the best. Start here to get a broad taste of jobs that align with your skills and experience, and narrow your search from there.

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