Infographic: 63% of SMBs Have Adopted a Cloud-Based Service

Infographic 63% of SMBs Have Adopted a Cloud-Based Service

Software as a service (SaaS) companies are transforming how small and medium-sized businesses (SMBs) manage HR, payroll, marketing, finances, supply chain, customer engagement and much more. LSA data is showing that this shift to “the cloud” is happening and gaining momentum.

According to LSA’s Tech Adoption Index which surveyed over 1,000 SMBs, 63% said they are currently using at least one type of cloud-based service. In addition, about half plan to integrate more cloud-based technologies in the future, with the majority expecting to do so within the next year.

It’s clear The Cloud is reinventing the SMB market and LSA expects this shift to accelerate. The following infographic helps document this shift as well as some of the motivations behind why SMBs are shifting.

In addition, LSA will host the 2017 SMB Cloud Adoption Summit in San Francisco December 7, 2017, to explore the challenges, trends, and future of the SMB SaaS market.



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