36 Best Landing Pages That Convert Like Crazy

36 Best Landing Pages That Convert Like Crazy.jpg

Did you know that the average landing page converts at just 2.35%, while the top 10% of landing pages convert at 11.45%? That’s a 487% difference!

So how are the best landing pages different? To answer that question, let’s look at the absolute best landing pages ever created. We’re talking about landing pages from companies like Freshbooks, Tony Robbins, Organifi, Basecamp, Daniel Wellington and Hubspot to name a few.

When we analyze these landing pages, we found 5 important tactics that you might want to implement when designing your own landing pages:

  1. They are simple in design with minimal elements and distraction
  2. There’s a strong focus on a single CTA (Call To Action)
  3. They sell the “sizzle”, not the steak (benefits not features)
  4. They promote a strong, high-value offer (free trial, etc)
  5. They use lots of social proof (testimonials and case studies)

We’ve put together a neat little Slideshare to walk you through the landing pages. You can view it below:

Go to our website:   www.ncmalliance.com


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