How to Build Your Audience on Facebook

Build Your Audience on Facebook

Building an audience on Facebook is not only fun, but it’s also essential today for a business to survive. People are more social online today than they were before social media. Now people are being social even when they’re in the bed trying to sleep. If you want to build your Facebook audience, these are the steps to take.

Create a Professional Profile

Start with your personal page and create a very professional profile. Yes, your friends and family will see it, and that’s okay. You’re proud of your business, so set up your profile to reflect it. Create a great cover image, then link to your website and to other social media networks.
Create a Facebook Page

Now that you have a professional profile, you want to create a business page. Your business page should link to your website – preferably a landing page that gives them access to a freebie so that you can collect email addresses and get them on your email list. Develop the page so that you can easily share information and you can use it to run advertisements.
Create a Niche Group

Next, create a niche group. Creating the right type of group means that you need to truly understand your audience. Who are they? What do they want? What do they need? What keeps them up at night? Your group alone should solve at least one problem for your audience so that they want to join.
Join Niche Groups

Find groups that you know your audience probably hangs out in. Don’t do anything in the groups at first. Instead, observe to ensure that the people who have joined are in your audience definition. Once you know for sure it’s a group with your audience, start being nice to people. Answer questions and be a good resource. Do not spam other people’s groups with your group. When you engage and like people they’re going to be curious, look at your profile and see all the groups that you’re in – as well as the ones you own.
Be a Good Resource

In your group and others, focus on how you can help people. You want to be known as a helper because that is going to help grow your audience. Collect information and questions from others that you can easily answer with a link or a short answer. You can also make blog posts out of questions and answers, whether from your group or someone else’s (if you don’t plagiarize).
Go Live

Now that you have a personal profile, a page, and a group, you can go live on Facebook and start growing your audience. Using only your phone or computer, you can do a perfectly good live event. You can also use software such as Open Broadcaster Software. This software is free and lets you stream as if you’re having a webinar (sharing your screen) on Facebook and on YouTube.
Promote Your Page and Group

Right now, you can only run ads on a Facebook page. Therefore, you want to ensure that every blog post you publish goes to your Facebook page and is posted in your group. Then you can boost page posts, as well as set up ads to market your group using the page. The only trick there is you need to really understand your audience so that you can segment the advertisement properly.
Share Content Often

Don’t let your pages and groups go quiet. Use automation to help you get something posted each day, more than once a day, to your pages and groups. Facebook offers post scheduling on pages and groups now (not your personal page, though). This is very helpful because it makes it easier to share more content and keep people engaged.
Engage with Others Often

Don’t just ask questions and post things. Instead, you want to also engage with everyone. Talk to members, talk to followers, talk to them directly and answer their questions so that you show you are a real person. They’ll be impressed and more likely to stick around. Building an audience on Facebook is fun and simple to do. It just takes time and perseverance.

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