Strategies and Techniques for Mentoring and Coaching

Strategies and Techniques for Mentoring and Coaching

by Stacy Zeiger


Mentors and coaches may be professional consultants brought in from outside a company to provide new insight or perspective or else veteran employees who work to train newer employees. The strategies mentors and coaches employ have the potential to motivate employees and increase productivity. A company should seek out mentors and coaches who are not afraid, to be honest with employees in the interest of improving the company.

Setting Goals

Setting goals provides employees with something definite to work toward and has the potential to increase productivity in the workplace. Mentors and coaches help employees create realistic goals. These individuals may also analyze employee performance and help employees set goals to improve areas of weakness. Throughout the process of reaching a goal, mentors and coaches provide motivation and feedback to encourage employees to keep on track.

Providing Feedback

In some companies, employees complain that they rarely receive feedback about their performance. Mentors and coaches help provide that necessary feedback. Positive feedback reinforces strong behaviors in the workplace and provides workers with motivation to keep working hard. Constructive criticism addresses areas of concern and offers suggestions for improving performance. Consistent feedback from mentors and coaches not only helps improve employee performance, but it ensures employees are not caught off guard when disciplined for poor performance.


Celebrations and Rewards

Celebrations and rewards help motivate workers. As employees reach goals in the workplace and make improvements to their performance based on constructive criticism, mentors and coaches should take the time to reward employees and celebrate their achievements. Celebrations and rewards will build respect for the mentor or coach and help employees see that the individual is not only there to criticize but also to share in employee success.


Mentors and coaches provide someone for new employees to collaborate with as they begin working with a company. These individuals help employees learn to navigate an organization and how to complete tasks effectively. Additionally, mentors and coaches may be called in to work with a team project, help keep team members on the same page and make sure they communicate effectively.

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