The Negative Impact of Lack of Sales Strategy and Application.

The Negative Impact of Lack of Sales Strategy and Application.

The Impact on Growth Identified in a Recent Study

In a recent study 42% of Business Owners, they stated their salespeople lacked the essential Sales Strategy Skills and Sales Knowledge needed to produce at a rate consistent with real growth.

Regardless of sales knowledge or experience remember the following. You cannot put a man in a cave, leave him there for twenty years and have him walk out with a geology degree!

Are your salespeople trained in the most effective Sales Strategy, Methods, and Techniques? Do they follow a consistent sales process?

Many Business Owners make one of two major mistakes, if not both.

Mistake Number 1: They hired the So-Called Sales Superstar. This creates enthusiasm that at best may last ninety days. This is the point where you see their enthusiasm decrease and their excuses increase. The level of get up and go declines. Well, you get the point.

What in essence has happened is that YOU have placed YOUR Company in the hands of a salesperson. This is opposed to YOU taking YOUR sales person and placing them into YOUR sales system!

Mistake Number 2: Business Owners put all their eggs in one basket by relying only on Product Knowledge Training. Product knowledge experts are only experts if they can continually send you to the bank.

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