4 Tips to Protect Your Brand on Social Media

But before you dive in, be cautioned that social media is not risk-proof, particularly for small-scale businesses. If you don’t tread with care, you could easily hurt your brand.

Here are four tips that you can use to protect your brand on social media – and save yourself from future problems.

1. Create a Social Media Policy

Who handles your social media activities? Whether it’s your in-house team or a service provider you have hired, it is important to regularly monitor what is being posted and shared in your company’s name.

Have a social media policy in place to ensure you are consistent with your efforts, keep yourself on the right track and protect your brand’s security and reputation across all platforms you use.

An ideal social media policy should include information on:

  • Legal procedures and guidelines
  • Team roles and responsibilities
  • Vision statement
  • Tone of writing
  • Privacy

When putting together a social media policy, it is a good idea to consult everyone – whether directly involved or not. This will reinforce your company culture and thin out the possibility of getting your branding efforts compromised because of unengaged or uninformed staff.

2. Claim Your Brand Name

When building your brand, you should look beyond the confines of Facebook, Twitter, and LinkedIn. Though these networks are the most popular and offer great results, you should also go ahead and claim your brand name on other social networking platforms.

Securing your brand name on as many social platforms as possible is beneficial also from an SEO standpoint.

Use domain search tools to immediately scan 100s of networks for your brand-associated names and secure them. This will prevent competitors from using your brand name in the future.

3. Keep Your Passwords Well-Protected

Using multiple social media websites also means dealing with multiple passwords, which if not secured can compromise the security of your accounts. What most social media marketers do is that they store all their passwords in a spreadsheet or use browser features for safety. But that’s just not good enough, unfortunately.

Use a password manager like Lastpass to keep your login credentials safe and secure at all times. Though its enterprise version comes with advanced features, it has a free version which can be used to fulfill basic needs. There are many similar tools you can also try.

4. Keep Tabs on Your Social Media Mentions

Misleading or false information spreads like wildfire on social media. While you are taking a nap, people can be writing and leaving reviews about your business, or even complaining about the service they received. While you can’t stop people from leaving reviews online if you pay attention to the conversation you will be able to jump in and quickly rectify anything being said about your brand.

Social media listening tools like Mention and SimplyMeasured monitor what’s being said about your brand on social media, plus they enable you to chime in and respond in a timely manner to anything that gets written about you.

It takes a great amount of time and effort to build your brand’s reputation and authority but a single mistake can send it tumbling down even before you realize what happened. These quick tips will certainly help you on the path to setting up and protecting your brand for the long term.

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