10 The Best Way to Use Social Media For Influenza Marketing

10 The Best Way to Use Social Media For Influenza Marketing

The Best Way to Use Social Media For Influenza Marketing – A decade ago, traditional advertising channels such as TV, radio, billboards and posters were widely used to create awareness of products and services. The problem is that the ads are broadcast to the public and appear everywhere.

Furthermore, they prey on the basic instincts of society and require a lot of resources to run a successful campaign.

Thanks to the popularity of social media, it becomes easier to buy products and services recommended by family and friends. This is how influencer marketing comes into being.

What Is Influencer Marketing?

influencers marketing is a method to create awareness of products and services by individuals who have an influence over what others are buying. Here’s how it works.

Companies have products or services they want to advertise such as soft drinks or new perfumes. Due to the power of social media, companies will choose to work with celebrities or influencers to create awareness and influence of buyers.

Celebrities will use their social media accounts to promote their products or services to followers.

With social media platforms that have more than 1 billion active users combined with celebrity influences on their followers, the brand will reach the target audience rather than when using traditional ad channels.

Influenza marketing is very popular today for many reasons, and as a result, major brands are recruiting more influencers to advertise their products and services.

How Do You Use Social Media For Influencer Marketing?

You may think that you may not be an influencer marketer unless you have a celebrity status in some areas. But in fact, if you believe in yourself as a blogger and have a reasonable follower in social media.

You can become an influencer marketer in the course of time. Still, this may be a long way to get into influencer marketers who can boast a 100,000 or more followers target of a targeted customer.

Do you belong to the category of bloggers who have a reasonable count of followers on social media and your blog? If your answer is “Yes”, then, here are some ways by which you can use your Social Media for influencer marketing.

The Best Way to Use Social Media For Influenza Marketing

1). Guest Post

Guest posting is a process whereby influencers have the opportunity to develop content and publish it on one or more of the industry’s leading social media accounts.

This is one of the best methods that influencers can use to create awareness about a product or service. When the influencer publishes content in leading social media accounts and blogs, readers will be able to read the contents.

Thanks to the power of social media, readers will share the same content with others through social media platforms. This will result in the content becoming viruses that reach more viewers.

So how do you develop content that will attract readers and convince them to buy a product or service? The first thing you need to do is generate relevant keywords.

Why? Online visitors take advantage of keywords while searching for information. Furthermore, search engines do crawl keywords to present the best information to the reader.

To find relevant keywords, you can use free tools like Google Adwords keyword planner. Armed with keywords, research and write your content.

Make sure it’s interesting, entertaining, informative and relevant.

When publishing your content make sure it must be accompanied by an image or video. Also, make sure the photo is authentic and not stolen from other sites to avoid copyright issues.

Do not forget to backlink back to your social media account or your own blog.

2). Video Marketing

Technology has increased rapidly over the years and has content generation. Influencer does not have to rely on text content only.

YouTube is a popular and widely used video hosting platform that allows influencers to create videos, upload and share them with their customers and followers on other social media platforms.

The best thing about YouTube is allowing users to connect with online users from around the world.

As a result, the more followers you have, the more views your video will receive and more people will recommend their products to others.

According to a recent study, 57% of online viewers will likely purchase the product after watching a video showing how the product or service is beneficial to someone.

Video marketing is easier than any other form of marketing. As an influencer, you have the option of creating a way video, video explainer, viral video and video customer testimonials among others.

Once an influencer is armed with the best video, not only can someone post videos on their YouTube page but they can share them on Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram among other platforms.

3). Sponsored Blog Post

The sage once said “Content Is King” Therefore, it must be treated in a royal way. Next, you learn tips and tricks for creating quality content.

Just to recap points – You should start by researching relevant keywords, come up with great titles that fit the content, write your content, format and finally publish.

Do not forget to include links and backlinks to give readers a simple way to find your social media or blog account.

The reason why blog posts stand out more than that social media mentions that blog posts can be indexed by search engine bots.

As a result, users can search for posts on the web not only now but even months or years to come.

As a result, influencers can increase the amount of traffic to brand websites, increase sales and even put brand websites on the first page of search engine results.

4). Social Media Mention

The more influencers followers, the higher the chance of converting followers into paying customers. This means a larger salary is also for you in the future.

It is common to find influencers on any of the social media platforms like Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Facebook Messenger and YouTube and others.

Currently, influencers can use less than 140 characters together with photos or videos to market their products or services. As a result, followers can either mer post or post their posts and even share them on other platforms.

This helps attract more people who are ultimately affected and end up buying products or services. The more products purchased the more brands that generate revenue.

As a result, the brand will continue to work with influencers in the social media of the future.

5). Sponsor Reviews

Sponsor Reviews are commonplace to find bloggers writing old product reviews featuring features, pros and cons of using the product. In product reviews, you’ll find FAQs that answer basic questions that readers may have online.

Influencer uses sponsored reviews to create awareness about the product or service.

In this case, an influencer is approached by a brand with a request to create a sponsored review. Influencer will use the resources available to write reviews for specific products before sharing content on its personal social media page.

Alternatively, content may be posted on an authorized social media page. As a result, online readers will take the time to read reviews, and if they find it useful, they can recommend it to family and friends.

There is a platform that allows users to sign up and write sponsor reviews. They include Famebit, Tomoson, Revcontent, SheSpeaks, Influenster. It’s important to have a well-designed blog or social media page if you want to stand out.

6). Discount Code

Social media attackers have changed the way we look at discount codes. As a brand, you need to know that discount codes do not devalue your business. Instead, they help promote sales that increase your revenue stream.

How? By encouraging customers to buy your products and services. Furthermore, they can be used to attract new customers and even return past customers.

The best thing about discount codes is easy to apply. They are easy to track and analyze as well. Here is a simple example.

“How clear is this 55-inch Smart TV 4K by @XYZ Company? Use ’55XYZ4K’ code for 30% discount on xyz.com until 30/09”

Let us interpret the example above. The Influencer is marketing a 55-inch 4K Smart TV sold by XYZ Company. To attract customers, the company has set a 30% discount for the product. The code is ’55XYZ4K’.

This means that followers who are connected to a social media influencer account can take a chance and use that code. Notice, the influencer has indicated the period when the offer will end. After that, the discount code will expire.

7). Giveaways

Giveaways are one of the most profitable campaigns for any brand out there. As one of the oldest marketing strategies, rewards have the potential to attract new customers thus ensuring substantial business growth.

When it comes to social media, businesses can get from the following social actions – follow, comment and love. That’s not all.

A company can create awareness about its products and services by offering to customers some gifts.

Today, influencers have taken advantage of the concept on behalf of the brand with amazing results. Influencers understand that their followers are their greatest asset.

That is why influencers take time to read their followers’ comments and respond to questions regardless of how well-known influencers are.

Influencer understands that running a giveaway campaign is simple and useful. It’s like asking followers to subscribe to their emails, taking the time to select a winner and finally sending the prize to the winner.

So, how successful giveaway campaign?

An influencer will start by putting a link to a brand giveaway page. This will drive traffic to the brand website.

On the other hand, influencers can choose to appear with themes for the campaign and create content that will attract more followers.

For example, hotel chains can collaborate with travel agencies and provide a number of free overnight stays or one free dinner, and so on.

8). Long-term Product Ambassador

Currently, brands can involve influencers as long-term ambassadors. It has the potential to lift the brand from low level to top level in a short time.

Influencers have been able to adapt to certain products and services. For example, an influencer like “Kim Kardashian” might be a long-term ambassador for skin care products and fashion accessories and not pet food or a man’s beard.

As a long-term ambassador, influencers can not promote a competitor’s brand over a period of time. Furthermore, it would seem more authentic if a brand works with one influencer who really loves the brand.

9). Affiliate Marketing

Affiliate Marketing is a type of marketing where brands provide affiliate links to influencers who in turn promote brand products and services through content and social media.

Influencer gets to earn commissions when shoppers use affiliate links to purchase branded products and services. Influencers must register with affiliate marketing companies such as Clickbank or Amazon Affiliates.

Once they have created an account, they will be issued with an affiliate link. This link consists of affiliate ID/username. This allows brands and advertisers to track sales from direct campaigns to affiliates.

Furthermore, it becomes easier for influencers to be credited with commissions earned from affiliate marketing.

It is important to know that affiliate links are very profitable and if implemented correctly, brands and influencers will benefit.

In order for affiliate marketing to work, influencers must have the right target audience.

10). Takeover of Influenza

Takeovers are where influencers are given the opportunity to run and promote their brand’s social media accounts, products, and services.

Instagram takeovers are the most common among influencers. Here, influencers make arrangements with brands to take over brand Instagram accounts for promotional activities.

This particular event may last for a day or more depending on the settings. As a result, the brand will be able to grow the community while creating awareness of its products and services.

Influencer must properly plan ahead to host a takeover. Planning allows influencers to set goals and objectives.

Some Goals Can Cover:

  • Growers social media audiences
  • Increase social media engagement
  • Promote products, events, and brand ideas
  • Reward faithful followers with rewards
  • Attract new customers

Thanks to the above goals and targets, influencers will have direction so they can connect with followers and expand the reach of the brand.

Brands have a responsibility to choose the right host who is influential and has the right targeted followers to promote the brand’s products.

For example, you can not contract an influencer who manages a pet blog to take over the fashion page of a fashion store.

Not just the target audience is completely wrong but the influencer does not have the right knowledge about the product.

Finally, it’s important to create a branded hashtag. This tool enables user content collection and tracking, monitors campaigns and shares across social media platforms.

Final Thought

As a brand, working with influencers has the potential to create awareness of your products and services. In addition, your brand not only connects with local customers but also with global customers.

This is useful if you are a multinational company with offices in other countries. To begin, the brand must work with influencers that have a large following of about 100,000 followers and higher.

This will ensure influencers can communicate brand messages, increase brand exposure and drive traffic to brand websites.

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