8 Reasons Why Your Emails Fail to Generate Business

We all deal with emails on a daily basis, but do we really take the time to dig deep into how email marketing works? To lead a campaign to success, it is essential that you study the results of your email marketing and, based on insights, make necessary changes to your strategies.

Below, are 8 pitfalls you will want to avoid if you wish to get results from email marketing:

1. You ignore the potential of confirmation emails

A confirmation email is an email that is sent out to new subscribers to confirm their subscription to your list. Sending confirmation is a proven technique to gain the trust of subscribers. But the reality is that only a handful of businesses send confirmations. If you plan to step up your game, you should adopt this best practice now. Results will surprise you.

2. Your emails don’t have CTAs

A CTA or (call to action) can be seen as the most important component to an email marketing campaign. Do your emails use the appropriate CTA’s? Don’t forget that placing a call to action in your emails that ask the subscriber to do something, will boost both your click-through rate and lead to more sales over time. Just make sure to put them in the right locations and reiterate them.

3. Your content doesn’t strike a chord with the audience

To satisfy your pang for email marketing, you may want to write copy in a hurry and hit the publish button. But your emails will fail to hit the nail on its head unless your content actually speaks to your audience. So, the next time you craft outreach emails, make sure the content offers some real value – practical tips to learn a new skill, suggestions on buying stuff, discounted/exclusive offers, funny videos for entertainment etc.

4. Your emails are Ill-timed

Do you know there’s an optimal time to send emails? According to most email marketing experts, it is between 8, and 10 am. If you have not taken timing into account yet, now is the time to test it and see what works best for your subscribers.

5. Your subject lines are weak

The subject line of your email can also be a call to action. If it isn’t well-crafted, the open rate will decline. According to a study by Hubspot, 47% of marketers test-optimize their subject lines. So, make it a point to measure what words to use in your subject lines before you hit Send.

6. Your emails lack a personal touch

Emailing is a private mode of communication. So, personalizing your emails will quickly maximize results and generate more business. This doesn’t have to be complex when you have services like MailChimp and Aweber to automate the process. You can easily add first names automatically to any emails you send out through these services.

7. Your emails don’t display correctly on mobile devices

About 74% of smartphone owners use their devices to check their emails. If you don’t optimize how your emails will look on small-size screens, you could end up losing readers and return visitors.

8. Your emails don’t look like they’re coming from you

The design of your emails should fit in with your core branding guidelines. If customers are in doubt whether it’s really from you or your company, they’ll go the safer path – abandon your email. On the other hand, emails that reflect the image of your brand will evoke trust and get opened on a regular basis.

If you lack the skills or resources to apply these guidelines on your own, hiring an expert to write your email copy is a good recommendation. Feel free to get in touch with us if you would like some extra help or guidance.

Go to our website:   www.ncmalliance.com

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