Add a PS (PostScript) to the bottom of a sales letter

Add a PS (PostScript) to the bottom of a sales letter

Add a PS (PostScript) to the bottom of a sales letter

When you are writing a sales letter, make sure that you add a postscript or P.S. at the bottom of the letter. A lot of people will skim a letter, but the last thing they see is a PS.

Make sure that the PostScript has a strong value proposition in it as it could catch someone’s eye and they might take notice in what you have actually sent them.

For example, if you are selling Client Relationship Management Software, an interesting fact you can add the postscript would be:

PS. 41% increases in revenue per sales representative can be obtained properly utilizing a CRM system.

Put it in BOLD so that you catch someone’s attention.

People will usually look at a tagline, which goes at the top of the letter, bullet points, high lighted text or bolded text. But if you keep a sales letter to less than one page, one thing that they will definitely look at is the PS.

Try it out on a sales letter and see how it might increase your success rate.

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