Push Notifications: 5 Trends You Need to Know

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Push notifications are by far the most powerful tool at a mobile marketer’s disposal. What other marketing technology grants you direct access to the end user by way of their smartphone homescreen?

Because of this, push notifications can either be your best friend or worst enemy. When done right, they’re incredibly effective at boosting app user engagement and retention. But when done wrong, they are a surefire way to app abandonment and churn.

Lucky for mobile marketers, push notifications have made significant progress in the past few years thanks to more sophisticated segmentation methods like location-based targeting and dynamic messaging. However, 21% of users still abandon an app after one use and 58% of people feel annoyed receiving remarketing pushes from brands based on their in-app behavior.

How do you fix this and harness the immense power push notifications have to offer? The key to bridging the gap starts at your campaign-level data and best practices to guide you in your decision making. Let’s get started with a quick review of how push has grown in effectiveness in the past year or so.


Effectiveness of Push Notifications In 2017

When it comes to push notifications, engagement is measured as the average number of sessions push recipients completed within the first week of receiving the message.


Engagement has seen a 30% lift since January 2017:


It’s clear that marketers are learning more effective ways to engage their mobile users with push notifications in addition to audience segmentation. The use of more advanced methods such as location-based messaging and dynamic content are definitely a big step in the right direction. This level of growth is what marketers could see. However, there are still some areas that could be improved.


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