gallery 3 Tips for a Totally Targeted Holiday Season


3 Tips for a Totally Targeted Holiday Season

Kellie Boggs

Hey, marketers! Don’t you feel like the holiday preparation begins earlier and earlier every year? The pressure is on to be at the top of your game! Here are a few great tips to get your wheels turning and help you maximize your revenue this season.

Tip 1: Make It Personal

Your customers are different, so don’t send them all the same holiday messaging this season. Take the time to create a great experience for them with personalized content. This could include inserting their name in the subject line, recognizing their location in your email content or targeting them with the holiday promotion that’s most relevant to them.

But remember: Personalization isn’t something you can do overnight. Plan ahead in terms of the data you’d like to use and how you plan to use it. Start easy with your customer preference data, such as first name, last name, location…

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