Marketing Strategy and Marketing Plan – What’s the Difference?

Marketing Strategy and Marketing Plan – What_s the Difference

The best way to understand what the difference between a marketing strategy and marketing plan are is to realize that you need to develop a strategy before you can develop a plan. This means that you need to come up with the strategy (smart goals) and then using these goals you will create a plan. They go hand in hand together and you need both to have a successful marketing campaign for your business.

A Real Life Example:

Marketing strategy: Increase email subscribers in order to market my product

Marketing plan: Create and promote a free report (eBook) targeted toward a specific audience for the purposes of increasing email list subscriptions.

Basically, you have to know what it is you want to achieve before you can determine how you’re going to do it. This is why creating a marketing plan is a must have for anyone wanting to run a successful business. Create an atmosphere where you can brainstorm with one another to come up with goals, then from those goals work out the best goals and then from those develop a plan of action that provides for your daily, weekly and monthly tasks to perform so that in the end you achieve your goals.

The step missing here is the actual doing, after all, it’s always easier to plan than to get done, so let’s create a workflow for developing your own marketing strategy and plan, it might look like this.

Define your Marketing Goals

When determining your goals ensure they are measurable and attainable goals. If you can’t write out your goals, you haven’t dug deep enough. Name exactly what you want. If you plan to increase your email list subscribers, then by how many? Which list? With whom? By when?

Don’t be Afraid to Split Large Goals

If you have a really large goal don’t be afraid to split it into numerous smaller more attainable goals, after all, a large goal is simply lots of smaller goals joined together.

Identify Why

Why do you want to meet these goals? For example, you are building your email list so that you can sell them your products (normally a specific product)… so achieving your goal will increase your sales of products and this will allow you to do what? I know that is taking it a stage further but understanding what goal success can lead to can help to ensure you stay the course and ensure you are successful in achieving your goals.

Create a Plan of Action (Marketing Plan)

List all the things you must do to accomplish your goal. What does it take to create the free eBook? A writer, an editor, a delivery system and promotion; what else?

Get To Work and Implement the Plan

Get to work and implement the plan you have prepared, complete it in the necessary order to succeed. Always remember first things first. Set a time limit or deadline, then work your way back to today to start filling in when you need to do each task.

Measure the Results

Determine if you achieved your goals by seeing how much you exceeded them or how far you are from the measurable goal that you set.

Adjust and Improve

Don’t be afraid to throw out what isn’t working and to refocus on what is working and to keep doing that. If you don’t reach your goal, work out why you haven’t and make a new plan to achieve it a different way based on your new knowledge.

Rinse and Repeat

Do it all over again and again for every goal.

Understanding the importance of understanding how you will go about meeting a goal is about as important as creating the goal itself. As you work through the marketing plan you may determine that you lack skill or education. That will then determine that you need help of some sort to achieve your goal. So what goals do you have for your business and has this article helped?


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