5 Items to Improve Your Sales Meeting Agenda

5 Items to Improve Your Sales Meeting Agenda

By Ray Makela

On this episode, Kenneth Vogt, owner at Vera Claritas asks: What do you cover in your weekly sales meetings? If you have a weekly meeting with your sales team, what is regularly on the sales meeting agenda? What is useful to you as a manager? What is useful to your salespeople?

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Well, I love that question because often sales meetings get a bad rap. And what happens is that these meetings are used more as an opportunity for the sales manager to scrutinize the activities of the sales team for that week, and sometimes beat them up on where they’re deficient.

A different approach to the sales meeting is to think first about the sales team. It should be about motivating them, improving their performance, training them, and solving their problems. Not using it as a replacement for reviewing a report, or a one-on-one, which should be handled separately to address potential sticky issues in a more sensitive, personal setting. Here are five sales meeting agenda items I recommend.

1) Weekly Highlights

The first item I’d include on the agenda is what the highlights of the week are? Ask everyone to come prepared in advance with a high point. What was the best thing that happened with a customer that week?

Then have the team spend time sharing success stories and challenges. What was the biggest pushback? What was the biggest objection? What was a challenge that someone ran into? Socialize and talk about those. These are useful and productive conversations that get everyone engaged.

2) The Pipeline

A second item I’d want to address is the pipeline. What are the key and largest opportunities in the pipeline? Then comment on how each person is pursuing and proceeding with those opportunities.

If there isn’t time to go through every single opportunity because you have a large team size or pipeline, don’t get bogged down just reading what’s in the pipeline. That can be done in advance or offline.

What you want to look at is the largest opportunities and those that have been in a stage of the pipeline the longest. Then focus on those as a group, and ask questions to brainstorm and talk about what you can do to help those opportunities move forward. If needed, set up a separate meeting to take on more challenging opportunities

To recap, focus on what’s most important— what’s going to make the most difference to hitting yours and your team’s numbers each month and each quarter?

3) Training Topic

The third item I like on the agenda is to have a training topic. It may be something that came up during the week. Keep a running list that you can collect for training opportunities. Then share a video, a blog post, a key discussion topic with your team. Something as simple as, “Here are two objections, let’s talk about how we’re going to address and handle those objections.” Or, “Let’s go through the competition and look at their websites to do a little preview of what they’re doing.”

So, just an opportunity to sharpen the saw, to keep skills top of mind, and the fact that training is not an event but an ongoing effort. I believe every sales meeting should have some opportunity to improve those skills.

4) Walk-On Items

The fourth agenda item I like to have is a quick opportunity for walk-on items. Any issues or challenges that may have come up—but manage this carefully. You don’t want to derail the conversation.

Sometimes these types of conversations are much larger and better to take on another time. So, if needed, put these in a parking lot for follow-up later. But at least give your sales team a chance to bring issues up that may be affecting their performance, or roadblocks that may be getting in their way. As a manager, you should focus on trying to help your team and trying to address those gaps.

5) Motivational Topic

The final item on the agenda; I like to end the meeting on a motivational or upbeat topic. That may be a celebration of a win, recognition for a great job done, a key milestone, or a customer quote or testimonial.

Share the expertise, the competency, the successes you’re having, not just as a team but as a company. End the meeting with an upbeat takeaway that everyone can feel good about what they’re doing.

These are my ideas for the agenda. Obviously, these may vary depending on your team size, the amount of time that you have, and detail to get into.

Remember that the meeting should be about your team, and about engaging them and having them motivated. Not for you to talk or present during the entire meeting. Design your agenda to make your meetings fun and engaging. Those are my thoughts on what to cover to have a great weekly sales meeting.


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