The Importance of Developing Daily Sales Habits


Have you ever heard that it takes 21 days to develop a habit? It’s a fact. The first day is always exciting because you’re engaging in something new, moving toward the achievement of your goals. Day two isn’t bad either; you’re pressing forward. By day 3, it’s not as exciting anymore and you start to think of excuses why you don’t need to do it anymore. For most people, by the time they get through the end of the first week, they’ve abandoned their new habit. Why do you think there are so many people at the gym during the first month of the year? All of these people are excited about their new habit to get fit. By February or March, most have already given up. The same is true when setting up your sales goals.

In order to achieve our monthly and annual sales goals, we have to back them up with daily habits. Do you want to be the top salesperson at your company this year? Then, you will need to adopt new habits to help you increase your sales volume. Developing new habits requires strong motivation and discipline. While your goals should be 100% customized by you, here are some habits top sales professionals exercise daily:

They plan their day in advance. Time management is a skill mastered by successful people. Plan your work and work your plan. This starts with organizing your tasks before the day begins. Know what you want to accomplish and work your task list throughout the day. Your productivity will skyrocket when your tasks for the day are planned and targeted towards completing your goals.

They prospect to build their pipeline. Great sales professionals are always building their pipeline no matter how successful they already are. You should have time set aside on a daily basis to grow your pipeline and create new sales opportunities. This is what feeds your business. Lack of attention in this area will starve your growth.

They set time aside to nurture their existing customers. Many sales professionals fall down in this area because they spend all of their time focusing on how to get new customers. Don’t forget the customers you already have. They still need your attention and care. Each touch doesn’t necessarily have to be a visit. It could be an email or a simple call, but you should devote time daily to nurturing your customer base.

They are students of their business. Know your competition. Know what is going on in your industry. Many sales professionals neglect this activity because they feel it is passive, but it is your job to be informed about what is happening in the marketplace. Great sales professionals take the time to study their industry, including their competition on a daily basis.

They schedule appointments with new prospects daily. The number of appointments set daily will depend upon the customized goals you set, but you should be in the habit of doing this on a daily basis. The prospecting activity you engage in each day will help you develop this habit.

As you are working on developing your daily habits, don’t get discouraged if you fall off the bandwagon a couple of times. That is to be expected. What really determines your success is how quickly you get back up and keep going even when you fail. John Maxwell calls it “failing forward.” It’s a natural part of success. Work on developing your 5 key daily habits today and check back with me in 21 days with your progress.


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