8 Great Reasons to Start a Career in Sales

8 Great Reasons to Start a Career in Sales

Jason Karaman

In one of our most popular articles, we went over the key traits of successful salespeople. We had several people write to us and basically say “Ok, I have all those traits, but I am still not sure if I want to devote my professional career to sales, why would I choose sales over anything else?”

We live in a pretty cool world. You can literally choose to become anything that you want, whether it’s a doctor, lawyer, mechanic, restaurateur, academic professor, musician, barber, and everything in between. With all these choices, why choose the hyper-competitive and often abused the role of the sales professional?

For salespeople, we can’t really imagine doing anything different, but it’s definitely understandable to be apprehensive about a new career in sales during our uncertain economy, the skepticism of customers, the advance of technology, and the general idea that sales are a “feast or famine” environment with the commission-related income.

In response to those who have written to us, here is our take on why a career in sales is awesome and all the reasons that you should at least open your mind to it.

There are Always Plenty of Jobs Available

If you have not already done so, click the two links in our menu bar that lead to inside and outside sales jobs. You will see a massive list of available jobs, all ranging in pay grades from 30k up to 200k+. Whether you want to admit it or not, all companies need salespeople and will always need salespeople.

When there is a product or service to sell, there will be jobs. In our free market economy, this is almost a guarantee. Because of that, you often will get your pick of the litter in terms of company type, location, salary, industry, and benefits.

Salespeople are Often Paid the Highest

Sure, the CEO, CFO, and all the bigwigs absolutely make the most in any company, but removing them from the equation, the salespeople are often the ones who are paid the highest. Senior management realizes that cash flow is determined on the motivation and success of the sales team. Due to this, you will often see successful salespeople driving around in Mercedes, wearing nice watches, and wearing nice suits.

I should add a note here that all salespeople have the possibility of being paid the highest. High performers will make the most money, while low performers will not. Hard work and effectiveness are rewarded. A lot of people want to be rewarded for hard work and success – here is your chance.


There is Room for Growth and Promotion

There are a plethora of articles out there that explore the reality that salespeople make great leaders. This is due to their ability to chase and capture leads, the extreme knowledge about the company and the product, their persuasiveness, and their natural people skills.

Often times, you will see in your company your senior-level leaders (and possibly even the CEO) all started out in sales. If you start in sales, you have the very real possibility of climbing the corporate ladder to the very top.

You are Free to Work on your own Initiative

Unlike jobs that require you to follow one certain procedure all day and every day, such as a piece-worker in a factory, salespeople get to choose how they get the job done. Sure, there is a shared company goal and a shared image.

And yes, often times, there is a step-by-step sales process that salespeople should follow for their industry, but the actual methods and the tactics used are completely up to the salesperson, which is why some do great, while others do not. Having that freedom really allows for creativity to flourish and allows for salespeople with natural talent to really be successful.

You will Never have a Boring Day

We have all held excruciatingly boring jobs at one point. Jobs where we do literally the same thing all day and get the same result every time. These jobs are good and stable for a little while, but you will start to see that it gets really boring really quickly. Additionally, you’ll never grow and develop new skills and traits from a monotonous job. Sales keeps you on your feet all day.

You will never have a boring day because there will be an infinite amount of scenarios and reactions that will happen to you. It keeps your mind working, which allows you to grow stronger mentally.

You get to Meet New People

Assuming you are a people person (if not, why are you considering a career in sales?), the prospect of meeting new people excites you. In contrast to a job like IT or accounting, your job description is literally to meet new people every day, make a friend, and sell a product or service. Oftentimes, meeting someone new actually results in a strong bond and friendship.

In one of my previous sales jobs, a customer told me that he and his sales representative have such a good relationship that the sales rep actually was part of his wedding party. For extroverts who need to be talking to people all the time, this is perfect.


You’ll Grow, both Professionally and Personally

Sales is not easy. It’s challenging at times. Great salespeople are always looking at ways to learn, adapt, and grow. As you progress through your sales career, you will find that your psychological state will get stronger and stronger. You’ll find that you’ll start to gain strong persuasive traits. You’ll start to see that you are more creative than you thought.

You’ll start to develop leadership skills and habits. A lot of people start to dress nicer, even on off days (I have not worn sweatpants in 2 years). All in all, in sales, you will find that you will improve yourself dramatically, and thus, your life prospects will improve as well.

It’s Extremely Rewarding

Sales are hard. Nobody in the history of sales has ever thought “Wow, this is easy!”. It’s extremely challenging to convince someone to either buy your product, service or perform the behavior that you want. You have to work at it. You have to read books, listen to podcasts, subscribe to blogs, take advice from leaders, pitch to yourself in the mirror, and constantly seek ways to improve. That is why it’s so rewarding.

Ever heard a salesperson say that they love the “thrill of the sale”? There’s something extremely rewarding and special when you are able to convince someone to do something. It’s thrilling and rewarding to see your hard work pay off. That “thrill” feeling is what salespeople crave. You’ll come to love it too.

Welcome to sales…


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