How much profit do you generate for your company?

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Some business is better than other business.  

Even if you are not paid on gross profit or on any other incentive system, you have to know where the profit dollars come from.  It might be in your best interest to deal more aggressively with a particular account if you know you have some gross profit room to maneuver.  

More importantly, you will be able to focus your efforts in areas that will be the best for-profit goals.  It might even be best to be down the list a bit in volume leadership if your overall profit contribution ranks higher than those writing more business. In some industries, the opposite may be true.  

You are usually not responsible for profit-and-loss results, but those above you are.  Get any and all business, but be aware of the contribution you are making to the bottom line.  

Your job is to run the top line up, and that must be what you are working at each day.  Get the numbers, but be a student of what makes the business go. 

Few salespeople have P & L responsibilities in their territories because they can’t control overhead burdens, and therefore the returns are not in their hands.  Even given those facts of life, it can’t hurt to have profit awareness at any level of business.  

Get the order first.  

That’s what you are paid for. Get the gross profit second if appropriate.

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