10 Performance Review Tips You’re Probably Neglecting [Infographic]

Most people don’t like annual performance reviews. Managers hate doing them and employees hate getting them. Yet, they’re still widely used.

There are still many mistakes made in the performance review process. Here are some tips you can use to make sure they’re great.


10 Performance Review Tips You’re Probably Neglecting [Infographic].png


Keep these things in mind when thinking about performance management:

  • Come Prepared
  • Do A Peer Review
  • Have The Employee Do A Self-Evaluation
  • Listen More Than You Talk
  • Don’t Do The Feedback Sandwich
  • Praise Accomplishments
  • Keep It Positive
  • Stick to the date
  • Be Professional
  • Have A Quick Feedback Loop

Performance Review Questions To Use

Here are a few questions you can use for your performance reviews:

  1. What is your greatest challenge or roadblock?
  2. What strengths or talents do you possess that aren’t being used?
  3. What makes for a great workday?
  4. If you could change one thing about our company, what would it be?
  5. How do you feel the company and your team are doing?
  6. Do you receive sufficient feedback about your performance?
  7. What is most satisfying about your job?
  8. What is least satisfying about your job?

Any Performance Review Tips To Share?

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