The No. 1 key to sales success

The No. 1 key to sales success

Harvard Business School reports the essential components of sales success are information, intelligence, skill, and attitude. But which is No. 1?

Information, intelligence, and skill account for 7%, while attitude accounts for 93% of sales success. And a great attitude is what you need for prospecting.

Contagious and apparent

A positive attitude is contagious and apparent to decision makers and their gatekeepers. Attitude is not based on optimism but on work, preparation and realistic goals.

Tips for maintaining a positive attitude include:

  • Review and remember your accomplishments and successes. Focus on the positive.
  • Avoid people who undermine your confidence or make you feel negative.
  • If something goes wrong, consider how you can behave differently the next time.
  • Maintain pride in your professionalism. Think of yourself as a highly trained, a well-prepared consultant who is necessary to helping executives choose the right goods and services for their companies.
  • Invest in your profession. Spend the time and money to acquire the tools and training that will help you maintain the highest professional standards.
  • Make your goals tangible and keep then nearby to fuel the fire of motivation.
  • Keep a diary of every positive thing that happens each day.
  • When people are discouraging, success is your greatest revenge. Prove them wrong.
  • Face the fear of failure head-on. Fear is created by the fearful. Fear is what you imagine it to be, and you can defeat it with positive action.


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