3 Quick Mobile App A/B Tests To Run Today

3 Quick Mobile App A-B Tests To Run Today

The year is winding down and you’re likely in a rush to report on what has gone well in 2018 while also planning for the future. In the midst of all that, it’s easy to miss out on opportunities to try something new. Especially if you’re locked into a mobile marketing routine you love. It might feel like a big lift to try to make any changes now but you’ll find it’s easier than you think and the learnings will be worth it.

A/B tests let you try out new app experiences and optimize message conversion rates. Plus, with Localytics you can build out each variant to test and take it to live without re-submitting your app to the App Store. That means you’ll be able to learn and iterate faster. Here are 3 A/B tests that you can set up and run quickly before the new year.

1.) Increase Conversion By Testing Offers

An easy test for retailers to run is on offers. Identify an audience who has been disengaged for a while, create a few different offers that incentivize those users to return to the app and make a purchase. This test gives you a chance to reconnect with users that might have forgotten about the app and may give you insights into which offers are best at boosting your conversion rates. We see our customers often comparing a free shipping offer to a small discount.


2.) Test Your Onboarding Experience To Improve Retention

We’ve seen that apps that provide an in-app onboarding experience see higher retention rates, but we shouldn’t stop at setting up a single onboarding message. You can test out different flows for your users to see if they have an impact on retention, feature adoption, or even time in the app. Consider testing a single full-screen in-app message compared to a carousel for users to swipe through.




3.) Freshen Your Messaging By A/B Testing Recurring Campaign Copy

Your recurring campaigns may be performing well but you shouldn’t take that to mean they can’t be doing better. If you have an abandoned cart or new content alert notification that you’re happy with but are interested in trying something new, you can start by testing out a new copy or adding emojis with a small percentage of campaign recipients. Rather than make a sudden change that accidentally hurts your campaign’s performance, you can send a variant to  5%-10% of your users the new message and compare the performance to your existing copy.


With A/B testing you may discover new messages or experiences that way outperforms what you were doing before but you’ll never know unless you try. We recommend reviewing your app and your campaigns often to find opportunities to optimize. The examples we’ve shared are meant to be a friendly reminder that it’s not too late try a quick A/B test and gain some quick wins.


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