50 Top Sales Pitch Ideas: The Best Free Advice for Improving Your Sales Presentation

50 Top Sales Pitch Ideas The Best Free Advice for Improving Your Sales Presentation

Quark Blog Team

One of the worst things a sales professional can do is fall into a routine when conducting a sales pitch. If you feel like you’re stuck in a sales pitch rut, or if you aren’t getting as many sales as you’d like, it’s time for you to break out of your comfort zone and make a few tweaks to your presentation. The harder you work on perfecting your sales pitch, the more successful you will be – especially if you go about it the right way.

We have rounded up 50 of the top sales pitch ideas to help you spruce up your sales pitch. From simple tips to more drastic mindset changes, our sales pitch ideas cover a range of things you can do to improve your sales pitch and get the results you want when pitching yourself, your product, your service, or your idea to an audience. Our tips come from sales pitch coaches, highly regarded publications, sales pros, and top-selling brands, and other sales leaders, to give you some of the best free advice for enhancing your sales pitch. Please note, we have listed our top sales pitch ideas here, in no particular order.

1. Make Sure the Sales Pitch Has an Objective

A research and advisory firm that helps sales and marketing adopt strategies that drive exceptional revenue growth, TOPO offers several ideas for creating the ultimate sales presentation in their article, The Sales Pitch: 17 Ideas for Creating the Ultimate Sales Preso. One of our favorite sales pitch from TOPO is to ensure that the sales pitch has a clear objective. You must have a clear focus if you are going to deliver a succinct sales pitch and get the prospect to take the next step with you.

Three tips we like from TOPO:

  • Develop a clear objective for your sales pitch by determining if you are trying to convey an overview of your company or product, if you are trying to learn as much as you can about the buyer, etc.
  • Keep in mind that the main goal of your sales pitch is to get the buyer to the next step in the sales process
  • Create your sales pitch with the objective and goal at its center

2. Focus on the How of Your Sales Pitch

In her Forbes article on giving a convincing sales pitch, Close.io CEO Steli Efti shares the 10 steps that are involved in building a quality sales pitch. One of our favorite ideas from Efti’s article is to focus on how you deliver your sales pitch, i.e. how you say what you say.

Three tips we like from Forbes Entrepreneurs:

  • You need to be just as aware of the “how” of your sales pitch as you are the “what” and the “why”
  • Be cognizant of your body language and tone of voice
  • Practice your sales pitch delivery in front of a mirror, friends, or a camera

3. Make It a Conversation That Puts the Buyer’s Needs First

SuperOffice is one of Europe’s leading suppliers of CRM solutions for the B2B market. Their sales pitch ideas from Steven MacDonald encourage sales professionals to transform the pitch into a conversation to put the buyer’s needs first. This helps to develop a relationship with clients.

Three tips we like from SuperOffice:

  • Invite conversation and discussion with prospects
  • Clearly, communicate how your product or service will benefit each individual buyer
  • Center your sales pitch efforts around the buyer’s needs to help build trust between you and prospects

4. Start with a Highly Targeted Mental Hook

Vladimir Blagojevic shares the lessons he’s learned on sales and growth hacking from his own experiences with startups and business at ScaleMyBusiness.com. Blagojevic emphasizes the importance of the mental hook as one of his top sales pitch ideas because reeling in potential customers requires hooking them with an emotional connection.

Three tips we like from ScaleMyBusiness.com:

  • Your audience remembers emotional, personal, and highly targeted mental hooks
  • Tap into positive emotions
  • Creatively tap into emotions that are linked to deep frustrations or challenges

5. Personalize the Strategy and Messaging

New Breed Marketing, a Hubspot partner, helps B2B tech and software companies grow by delivering quality inbound traffic and leads. Their top sales pitch idea is to personalize the strategy and messaging because today’s prospects already know so much about companies, services, and products before the sales pitch even takes place.

Three tips we like from New Breed Marketing:

  • Take advantage of the relationships you already have with prospects to personalize your sales pitch
  • Pay attention to prospects’ personal information and work it into the sales pitch
  • Add personal touches to correspondences, like sending birthday cards or pet treats, if they mention having an animal, when they make a purchase

6. Do the Legwork to Know Your Customer

Salesforce is a leader in connecting with customers, so it should not be any surprise that their sales pitch idea involves getting to know your prospects and customers. In fact, Stuart Leung’s Salesforce Blog post, How to Make a Good Sales Pitch in 7 Steps, explains the importance of researching your customers and gaining a true understanding of them so that you can make the perfect pitch.

Three tips we like from Salesforce:

  • Change your sales pitch each time you deliver it
  • Conduct thorough research on the buyer’s company, their industry, and their competitors
  • Ask the right questions during your initial contact to gain the information you need to address the buyer’s specific needs

7. Switch to Inbound and Permission Marketing

Fizzle is dedicated t helping indie entrepreneurs make weekly progress on their business. Specifically, Fizzle is for freelancers, creatives, and entrepreneurs who want to build their service or product online. Corbett Barr’s Fizzle article, The Best Sales Pitch Ever, examines the sales pitch idea of switching to inbound and permission marketing.

Three tips we like from Fizzle:

  • Utilize inbound Marketing to attract people, who are looking for information about topics relating to your industry, to your website or business
  • Avoid interruption marketing and reach out to people after they have given you permission to do so, with permission marketing
  • Demonstrate your expertise through published content so that interested leads contact you

8. Be Authentic

Arizona’s number one local site, AZCentral presents the article, Sales Pitch Ideas, from Nancy Wagner of Demand Media. Wagner is a marketing strategist and speaker whose top sales pitch idea is for sales professionals to be authentic. As Wagner suggests, consider how much you don’t want to be approached by a stereotypical salesperson pushing a product, and then strive to be an authentic sales professional who does the opposite.

Three tips we like from AZCentral:

  • Use your natural enthusiasm about your product or service in your sales pitch
  • If you are authentic, it will help you to grab your audience’s attention within the first 30 seconds
  • Be passionate and enthusiastic while listening to the prospect’s complaints, concerns, and questions, so that you can answer them with honesty and warmth

9. Make the Pitch Sticky

As part of American Express’ OPEN Forum, Cardone Training Technologies, Inc.’s found and CEO Grant Cardone shares his How to Sell Your Idea in 20 Seconds. One of Cardone’s top sales pitch ideas is to make the pitch sticky so that the prospect remembers your first point of the pitch.

Three tips we like from American Express OPEN Forum:

  • The first thing you say should be sticky, with a pointed and memorable claim
  • Begin with one sticky sentence that captures what your organization does and includes a giant claim tied into your unique value proposition
  • Generate interest and be sharp and pointed so the prospect remembers your pitch

10. Use Alternatives to PowerPoint

PGi is the world’s largest dedication collaboration provider. Their sales pitch idea is to use alternatives to PowerPoint. While PowerPoint certainly is a valuable sales pitch tool, it is not the only tool that sales professionals can use.

Three tips we like from PGi:

  • Consider using Prezi, SlideRocket, or SlideShare
  • Think outside the box and outside your comfort zone
  • Utilize embedded videos, custom animations, advanced templates, and audio when you do use PowerPoint

11. Prepare for the Q&A

The Art of Manliness is dedicated to guiding men to being gentlemen. Brett & Kate McKay’s The Art of Manliness article, Selling Your Idea: How to Give an Effective Pitch, shares the sales pitch idea of preparing for the Q&A. Being as prepared as possible for a sales pitch is critical, even for the most experienced sales professional.

Three tips we like from The Art of Manliness:

  • Brianstorm questions the buyer may ask prior to your meeting date
  • Concentrate on week points and write out answers to those questions
  • Study those answers as you prepare for the meeting

12. Keep the Attention Span of Your Audience in Mind

CareerAttraction.com offers “unconventional advice for high achievers.” In his CareerAttraction.com article, How to Present a Sales Pitch That Will Impress, writer Josh Hansen argues that keeping the attention span of your audience in mind is a critical component of a successful sales pitch.

Three tips we like from CareerAttraction.com:

  • Keep your sales pitch short and on point
  • Remember, the average attention span has been decreasing steadily over the last several years
  • Use images and try to limit information on slides to three key points per slide

13. Keep It Short and to the Point

Cybersecurity entrepreneur, author, and speaker Jane Frankland shares her tips for crafting a sales pitch in her article, Craft a 30 Second Sales Pitch Like a Pro in 3 Easy Steps. Frankland explains that a “short, sleek sales pitch is an essential marketing tool for your business.” Keeping your sales pitch short and to the point helps you take advantage of business opportunities at any time, anywhere.

Three tips we like from Jane Frankland:

  • Write down what you want to say and fine-tune it until you get it down to 30 seconds
  • Communicate clearly and make a personal connection
  • Stick to the core elements of a sales pitch: the who, what, and what’s in it for me (WIIFM)

14. Use a Physical Prop

BrightCarbon creates visual presentations that deliver visible results. In his BrightCarbon article on sales presentations, marketing strategist Joby Blume explores 14 ideas for improving your sales pitch to help you “stand out, engage your audience, and sell more.” Our favorite idea from Blume is to use a physical prop to improve your sales pitch.

Three tips we like from BrightCarbon:

  • The prop can be your product or an object that helps to explain a key aspect of your sales pitch
  • 3D props are more compelling
  • Pass around the prop, talk about it, show it, allow audience members to hold it, etc.

15. Build Suspense

Inc.com is the resource that delivers everything you need to know about starting and growing your business. Senior International Business Times writer Eric Markowitz shares his take mistakes people make when doing their sales pitch in his Inc.com article, 7 Deadly Sins of Sales Pitching. We think Markowitz’s top idea for improving the sales pitch, which he attributes to Pitch Anything author Oren Klaff, is to build suspense.

Three tips we like from Inc.com:

  • Your audience expects more after the 30-second elevator pitch
  • Hold your audience’s interest by building suspense
  • Set up a story and build tension through the ending of your sales pitch to hold your audience’s attention

16. Calm Your Nerves Before You Begin

The Marketing Donut gives small businesses reliable, up-to-date information and supports SMEs via business support services and growth hubs.  Their sales presentations resource offers some fantastic advice for enhancing your sales pitch, including calming your nerves before you begin. The last thing you want to do is flub your presentation because of nerves.

Three tips we like from The Marketing Donut:

  • Channel your nervous energy to give your presentation life and enthusiasm
  • Take a few deep breaths before you begin
  • Make an effort to speak slowly, use confident body language, and project your voice

17. Use the Inverted Pyramid Approach

A non-profit organization that teaches public speaking and leadership skills through a global network of clubs, Toastmasters International offers proven advice for improving the sales pitch. The sales pitch idea we like most from Toastmasters International is to use the interned pyramid approach so that you organize your ideas effectively.

Three tips we like from Toastmasters International:

  • Give the audience the most important information in the first few sentences, such as how much money they may save, how lives will improve with your product, etc.
  • Support claims with logic and evidence
  • End your sales pitch with a call to action

18. Use Authority Marks to Persuade Your Audience

PPTPOP provides actionable material to help small businesses build killer pitches that persuade audiences to close more deals. PPTPOP’s founder Clemence Lepers shares her steps for crafting a sales pitch in her article, How to Pitch an Idea to Anyone in 7 Steps. Her sales pitch idea of using authority marks to persuade your audience is one of our favorites.

Three tips we like from PPTPOP:

  • Know the three keys to persuade people and building trust: authority, social proof, and scarcity
  • Using the authority marks in the right way is key
  • Keep the three authority marks in mind when crafting your sales pitch, so that you are more likely to close the deal

19. Perfect Your Timing

An expert SaaS sales recruiter for marketing, eCommerce, and enterprise technology firms, Feargall Kenny has a great deal of experience in making sales pitches. While Kenny’s article, Interview Tips – 8 Pointers to Nail that Mock Sales Pitch, focuses on mock sales pitches to land an interview, his idea to perfect your timing is a sales pitch idea that anyone can use, whether in an interview situation or not.

Three tips we like from Feargall Kenny:

  • Know exactly how long you have (or want to take) for your sales pitch
  • Work backward when planning your sales pitch, so that you are sure not to run out of time for your closing
  • Don’t forget to leave enough time to get a commitment to a follow-up meeting, call, etc.

20. Relate to Your Audience

PointDrive helps sales teams package, personalize, and track the materials you share with B2B buyers. In his sales pitch article for PointDrive, Brian Cuttica offers his advice for delivering a creative sales pitch. One of his ideas, to relate to your audience, is a key component of sales pitches.

Three tips we like from PointDrive:

  • Ask for audience input through shared memories or viewpoints to get them to relate to your pitch
  • Invite the audience to participate in the sales pitch
  • Match your pitch to your audience’s needs, perspectives, and desires

21. Use the 10/20/30 Rule of PowerPoint

Guy Kawasaki is the chief evangelist of Canva, author of 13 books, and former chief evangelist of Apple. His top sales pitch idea is to use the 10/20/30 rule of PowerPoint, which applies to any sales presentation, from raising capital to making a sale, to forming a partnership, and others.

Three tips we like from Guy Kawasaki:

  • 10 slides is the optimal number of slides in a PowerPOint presentation because people can only comprehend 10 concepts in one meeting
  • Your 10 slides should take 20 minutes, with 40 minutes left for discussion
  • A 30-point font is a must so that you are not putting too much text on a slide or reading it to your audience

22. Tell a Story

Bplans offers business guidance, tactics, tips, and industry insight so that their clients can plan, fund, start and grow their businesses. In her Bplans article, How to Pitch to Investors in 10 Minutes and Get Funded, Caroline Cummings shares the format she and other first-time start-up CEOs have used successfully in their own sales pitches. One of Cummings’ top sales pitch ideas is to tell a story.

Three tips we like from Bplans:

  • Begin your pitch with a compelling story in order to engage them from the very start
  • Relate your story to the audience
  • Address the problem you are solving in the marketplace via your story

23. Approach the Sales Pitch Like a Game

Business.com shares the latest business trends and news for growing businesses. In his business.com sales pitch article, How to View Your Sales Pitch as a Game (and Win), Ayush Vats explains that sales professionals can develop a winning mindset by imagining the sales pitch as a game.

Three tips we like from Business.com:

  • Put yourself on a verbal shot-clock so that you stop talking and start listening during the sales pitch
  • Control the conversation as you would a ball, by keeping it focused on achievable goals, relevant issues, and the objectives your plan achieves
  • Lay out the rules of the game by thinking of them as the problems the client faces and needs you to solve; verbally recap the problems and your solutions to be sure that communication is clear

24. Be a Problem Solver

The Houston Chronicle’s Small Business section features several resources for running a business and sales, and Oneil Williams’ Sales Pitch Ideas is an article that offers some of the best advice for crafting a successful sales pitch. One of the top ideas from Williams’ article is to be a problem solver during the sales pitch.

Three tips we like from The Houston Chronicle:

  • Do more listening than talking
  • Understand the challenges your prospect faces and determine how your product or service will help him
  • Position yourself as the sales professional who can best solve the prospect’s challenges by doing business together

25. Identify the Value of the Product or Service

SalesScripter is a sales training application that helps sales professionals, managers, and business owners improve sales performance by identifying how to best communicate with prospects. They offer a structured process to follow in order to craft successful sales pitches, and one of their top ideas is to identify the value of the product or service.

Three tips we like from SalesScripter:

  • Focus on how the product helps your customer
  • You may identify the technical value or business value
  • In order to sell your product, you must know why it is valuable to your prospects, from their perspective

26. Julian Treasure: How to speak so that people want to listen

If you can’t get people to listen to your sales pitch, it is unlikely you will succeed. In this TEDTalk, sound expert Julian Treasure demonstrates some useful vocal exercises and tips on how to speak with empathy.

Three tips we like from Julian Treasure:

  • Eliminate negative sentiments
  • Use silence effectively
  • Use voice pace, pitch, and volume to get your message across

27. Use Consultative Selling Techniques

Mind Tools helps spread the best ideas in leadership, management, and personal effectiveness. Their article, Sales Skills for Non-Salespeople, proposes that consultative selling is a great idea for people who are not typically in the sales position. We think it’s a top sales pitch idea for anyone who is looking for a way to shake up the sales pitch game.

Three tips we like from Mind Tools:

  • Approach the pitch from the perspective as a consultant to help identify the prospect’s needs and then suggest products and solutions to meet those needs
  • Use the relationship you have with the client to your advantage
  • Use your intuition and instincts when crafting a consultative-selling-based sales pitch, while you focus on helping your audience

28. Use “Imagine”

Ethos3 is a group of tech-savvy pros who strive to help others get results with their sales presentations and pitches. Leslie Belknap’s Ethos3 article, How to Master the Art of the Persuasive Sales Pitch, introduces the idea of using the word “imagine” to enhance your sales pitch.

Three tips we like from Ethos3:

  • Use stories to get your audience to imagine themselves using your solution
  • Help prospects get a better understanding of why to purchase your product or service by giving them a better understanding through imagining
  • Gaining an emotional connection through imagining helps you to close a sale

29. Be Aware of Your Speed

The National Association of Sales Professionals (NASP) is a leading resource for sales professionals. In her sales pitch article for NASP, Kimberly Schenk explains that the sales pitch begins with the first sentence and salespeople must make a good impression from the start. That means that the sales pitch speed must be appropriate from the get-to, or sales professionals will lose their prospects.

Three tips we like from NASP:

  • Train yourself to slow your speech pattern and enunciate clearly
  • Stand up straight and be sure you are speaking in a low, clear voice
  • Move your lips so that you ensure you are speaking and enunciating properly so that the audience can digest your message and has the opportunity to understand your message

30. Practice and be Prepared

The University of Cambridge Judge Business School is a business school that advances knowledge and leadership through people who “leave a mark on the world.” Brewster F. Barclay is a mentor at Accelerate Cambridge in the Cambridge Judge Business School, and he shares his ideas for creating effective sales pitches in his article, The Elevator Pitch – Ideas on How to Create One. One of his top ideas for creating sales pitches is to practice and be prepared. Indeed, a sales pitch that is not polished and professional is doomed from the very start.

Three tips we like from the University of Cambridge Judge Business School:

  • By preparing, you will be sure to organize your thoughts and the content of your pitch in a way that the audience will better understand
  • Practice will help you to ensure that you are being relevant to your audience
  • Preparation and practice help you to craft a sales pitch that you can deliver anywhere and at any time

31. Use Visual Aids

The CBS Small Business Pulse is the go-to, daily resource for small business owners. Their article and infographic, Using Visual Aids in Your Company Sales Pitch is the Way to Effectively Sell Your Ideas, suggests the idea of using visual aids. Visual aids add another dimension to your presentation and take it to the next level.

Three tips we like from CBS Small Business Pulse:

  • 65% of the population consider themselves visual learners, so visual stimuli are vital to helping them gain and retain information
  • Handouts containing text, charts, and graphics are the most commonly used form of visual aid
  • Speakers who use visual aids are 43% more persuasive than speakers who do not

32. Create a Sales Pitch Book

VIP Presentation Products is a custom binder manufacturing company that specializes in presentation products. Their article, How to Create an Effective Sales Pitch Book, proposes utilizing a sales pitch book to boost the effectiveness of your sales pitch. Your audience is left with your materials that act as a reinforcement of your sales presentation.

Three tips we like from VIP Presentation Products:

  • Create a well-constructed, easy-to-follow sales pitch book
  • Compare competitors’ sales pitch books
  • Be sure the exterior of the book is attention-grabbing and matches the messages within

33. Give a Testimony

AMR Media has been helping businesses grow for more than 15 years through a collaborative process that maximizes ROI. Their sales pitch article, Examples of Effective Sales Pitch: Simple Strategies for Sales Pitches, provides an overview of their guide to creating sales pitches and suggests the top sales pitch idea of giving a testimony.

Three tips we like from AMR Media:

  • Introduce more benefits to your prospect by showing them how others like them have benefited from your product or service
  • Mention companies by name or speak about them in general terms when giving a testimony
  • Allow your prospects to see what others have said via surveys or reviews

34. Follow Up

Jyler offers practical ideas, tools, templates, resources, articles, and more to help business professionals and entrepreneurs increase their productivity and improve their businesses. The 5 Best Sales Pitch Ideas offers Jyler’s top sales pitch tips and tricks, and following up is the top sales pitch idea that we like from Jyler.

Three tips we like from Jyler:

  • A sales pitch is more likely to fail if you do not follow up with the prospect
  • Do not depend on prospects to get back to you or assume they will contact you
  • Set a follow-up date or time before you leave the pitch meeting and mark it on your calendar

35. Believe In Your Product

Stylist is a weekly magazine “for smart, successful, sophisticated women.” Their article, Top Tips for a Sales Pitch, features tips from Simon Dolan, founder of SJD Accountancy and the world’s first Twitter Dragon, who gave away £5 million of his own capital to entrepreneurs who wowed him with a 140-character business pitch via Twitter. We think Dolan’s top sales pitch idea is to believe in your product.

Three tips we like from Stylist:

  • Genuinely believe in what you are selling and how it will benefit the customer
  • Insincerity or a lack of confidence will affect the success of your sales pitch
  • Work off of the natural confidence you have in your product and communicate it without using hyperbole or false friendship

36. Be Sure to “Snap, Crackle, n’ Pop”

John Zimmer offers informative and entertaining tips for improving public speaking at Manner of Speaking. In his article, Sales Pitches that Snap, Crackle n’ Pop, Zimmer builds on the sales pitch idea of Jack Vincent, author of the sales book Sales Pitches that Snap, Crackle ‘n Pop. Snap refers to stimulating interest, crackle refers to starting a conversation, and pop refers to building trust.

Three tips we like from Manner of Speaking:

  • Stimulate interest by getting prospects to understand that you have considered their interests
  • Begin a customer-centered conversation as soon as you complete your dynamic presentation
  • Demonstrate that customers can rely on you as a partner, rather than simply as a consultant or service provider

37. Do as Much Research as Possible

Ecquire makes it possible to get data to your CRM automatically or in one click. The Ecquire Blog offers work productivity tips and CRM hacks for leading enterprises, and their article on mastering the sales pitch encourages sales professionals to do so in one simple email. In order to do that, you need to follow the sales pitch idea of doing as much research as possible on your prospects and customers.

Three tips we like from The Ecquire Blog:

  • Communication requires preparation, and preparation requires research
  • Present fact-based research that is specific to your audience’s interest
  • Ask questions that demonstrate you have researched the company and its challenges

38. Make Your Entire Pitch a Story

Unreasonable is designed for “misfit entrepreneurs hungry to put a positive dent on history.” The site contains content that includes advice, perspectives, stories, and more from some of today’s top innovators and investors. In his article, Forget Pitching. Tell a Story. Here’s How!, Unreasonable Institute co-founder and CEO Teju Ravilochan examines the vital importance of telling a story, rather than doing a typical sales pitch and encourages readers to adopt his idea of making the entire pitch a story.

Three tips we like from Unreasonable:

  • People love stories but hate pitches
  • Stories allow for connections between you and your prospect
  • Tell stories about how you discovered the problem, create tension with your problem, and show how your solution solves the problem

39. Use Conversational Language

Trainer, speaker, and author of Speaking PowerPoint: The New Language of Business, Bruce Gabrielle shares his tips for the sales pitch in his article, 3 Best Elevator Pitches. Gabrielle makes the case for sales professionals to use conversational language, especially when making elevator pitches because prospects do not like to feel trapped by marketing and sales jargon.

Three tips we like from Speaking PowerPoint:

  • Have a two-way conversation with prospects that relaxes them, rather than makes them feel like you are a “talking brochure”
  • Avoid buzzwords such as “synergy, optimize, efficiency, ROI,” and so on
  • Try replacing marketing jargon with one-syllable words

40. Prepare the Close

The nation’s largest network of free, expert business mentors, SCORE offers its 7 Ways to Improve Your Sales Pitch and More, an article focused on improving your sales presentation and strategies. Their idea of preparing the close is one of our top sales pitch ideas because it emphasizes the close as a key ingredient of a successful sales pitch.

Three tips we like from SCORE:

  • Prepare closing questions that do not allow for a “no” from prospects
  • As soon as you get a “yes,” stop selling and do not attempt to add something else that the customer could challenge
  • Focus on benefits and value in the close

41. Engage the Prospect

Peter Levitan is an advertising agency business development accelerator who has worked with agencies around the globe to help them grow more quickly. In his article, 6 Critical Elements of a Sales Pitch, Levitan shares the sales pitch idea of engaging the prospect. Too many sales professionals neglect to consider the buyer and her perspective.

Three tips we like from Peter Levitan:

  • Do not craft a one-sided sales pitch
  • Involve the client or prospect in the discussion by asking him a few questions at the right time
  • Entertain and answer all prospect questions, no matter when they ask; do not be afraid to go off script in order to engage the prospect

42. Stand Out from the Competition

Cleverism provides practical and strategic insights into starting, funding, and growing businesses. Exploring the Anatomy of a Successful Elevator Pitch shares some of Cleverism’s top sales pitch ideas, and we are particularly fond of their advice to make a concerted effort to stand out from the competition.

Three tips we like from Cleverism:

  • Name your competitors
  • Address the competition and the key differentiators between you and them
  • Specifically, state what your competitive advantage is and how this speciality is unique and better than that offered by others

43. Connect with Your Audience

KickoffLabs is a lead generation platform with amazing landing pages, lead capture forms, and email marketing that helps grow email lists with viral campaigns and makes it possible to collect more leads, generate referrals, and more. In his article on sales pitches, KickoffLabs co-founder Josh Ledgard uses the example of this three-year-old to demonstrate the importance of connecting with your audience when crafting and delivering a sales pitch.

Three tips we like from KickoffLabs:

  • Keep in mind that emotion trumps logic
  • Create an association to something that you know the prospect likes
  • Create different hooks for each customer segment

44. Conduct Relationship Selling

Lifehacker offers tips, tricks, and downloads for getting things done. In his sales pitch article for Lifehacker, senior writer Eric Ravenscraft explores the idea that sales professionals should focus on relationship selling when pitching ideas or products.

Three tips we like from Lifehacker:

  • Sell yourself before pitching an idea or a product because you need to establish trust and common ground with prospects
  • Keep in mind that relationship selling requires more effort than a scripted sales pitch
  • Relationship selling makes you and your ideas more attractive to your audience

45. Be Compelling

LifeHealthPro shares insurance news, sales ideas, and more for life and health advisors. In their article on the most innovative sales ideas of 2016, LifeHealthPro examines the importance of being compelling in a sales pitch, because prospects have heard so many pitches before yours that yours needs to stand out.

Three tips we like from LifeHealthPro:

  • Clearly identify what makes you stand out
  • Know which parts of your story will resonate with prospects
  • Enter the sales conversation with a plan for being compelling

46. Utilize Fidgets

Answers.com is a popular destination for internet users seeking answers to their most pressing questions. In the case of Marketing Strategy 101: Creative Ideas for an Awesome Sales Pitch, Answers.com shares some of the best tips for improving your sales pitch, including utilizing fidgets. Fidgets are items that fit in the palm of your hand and give you something to touch and play with to help you focus.

Three tips we like from Answers.com:

  • Keep the attention span of your audience in mind
  • Consider utilizing fidgets such as stress balls, key chains, or pens with your company’s logo
  • Small candy bars may be used as fidgets if your sales pitch includes several questions or encourages participation

47. Rethink Your Elevator Pitch

Chris Westfall is a pitch coach and author of The NEW Elevator Pitch and BulletProof Branding. In his article, Great Presentation Ideas: Coaching for Your Elevator Pitch, Westfall encourages sales professionals to follow his sales pitch idea of rethinking your elevator pitch, in order to be heard.

Three tips we like from Chris Westfall:

  • Understand that the new sales pitch is not a sales pitch at all, but a conversation that is persuasive, concise, and compelling
  • Your elevator pitch needs to make sense in today’s connected world, so it has to work online and offline
  • The traditional elevator pitch must change because the elevator platform has been replaced with the social platform

48. Build Bridges with Segues

Marketing strategist Sean D’Souza is the man behind Psychotactics.com. While not a psychologist, D’Souza understands how customers think and why they do what they do. As such, D’Souza shares his sales pitch idea, to build bridges with segues. As he points out, most people don’t like sales pitches, so sales professionals need to build a bridge, or segue, between the statements made prior to the pitch and the actual pitch itself, in order to elicit the emotions and logic from the prospect that are necessary for making the sale.

Three tips we like from Psychotactics:

  • Begin by educating your prospects about your product or service
  • Use the segue to build interest before launching into the heart of your sales pitch
  • Don’t move too fast from education to sales; incorporate the segue to make it a smooth transition for the prospect

49. Dress to be Memorable

Startups.co.uk is the UK’s leading independent online resource for anyone starting and growing a business. Oli Barrett, pitching veteran, shares his pointers for perfecting the two-minute pitch in the Startups article, 12 Must-Haves in the Perfect 2-Minute Pitch. We particularly like Barrett’s sales pitch idea of dressing to be memorable.

Three tips we like from Startups.co.uk:

  • While it may be shallow, the way you dress for your sales pitch is relevant because your clothing affects the prospect’s initial impression of you
  • Certain clothing colors may make you more memorable
  • Remove your badge or lanyard when you pitch to look more like a speaker and less like a delegate

50. Adapt Your Content to Meet Your Audience’s Objectives

Phil Waknell, chief inspiration officer at Europe’s leading presentation specialists, Ideas on Stage, is the man behind Phil Presents. Waknell “aims to explore the art and science of communication and help you to think differently about presenting.” That’s why Waknell includes four tips for delivering a killer sales pitch in his article, Perfecting Your Pitch. Our favorite sales pitch idea from Phil Waknell is to adapt your content to meet your audience’s objectives.

Three tips we like from Phil Presents:

  • Don’t lose sight of the fact that you are focused on your product or idea, while your investors and prospects are focused on money
  • Your prospects need to believe in your ideas, rather than the first product you show them
  • Help the audience have faith in your abilities because they need to know that you are creative enough to deliver more products and services in the future.


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