5 Things That Will Keep Your Sales Team Motivated

5 things that will keep your sales team motivated

Motivating a team of disparate salespeople over a period of time can often be frustrating and patience-sapping, especially when you have targets to reach, clients to handle and competition to monitor.

But without a driven, forward-focused team of people, your journey can be fraught with obstacles and fire-fighting duties.

How can you keep the team motivated and moving in the right direction? Here are a few tips:

1) Recognize that motivation is simply a ‘motive for action’.

Look at what drives each individual and try to make any motivation you give personalized to them.

Personalization is often overlooked, but if it’s something they specifically want and are driven to improve their effectiveness if they achieve it, it could be a way to deliver results

2) Make short-term motivators easier to achieve

A short-term motivator (e.g. hit your call targets today and I’ll pay for a round of drinks tonight) might be just the fillip that a demotivated team needs. It can spark an assertive approach in some people that will pay dividends down the road.

3) Have a team competition that will encourage colleagues to interact with each other

A project that requires people to work together to achieve something will always outweigh an individual having to work on their own.

See if you can devise competitions where the team come up with ideas to beat the competition’s latest offer, or how to deal with specific objections.

The teamwork can inspire a different level of thinking and build drive and motivation

4) Attach goals to personal and team development

This makes team members see the connection between working on a project and achieving the specific goals that will make the effort worthwhile.

Hitting goals for goal’s sake is nothing more than target-setting; developing certain skills as they achieve the goals will make people recognize how their improvement correlates to achieving objectives

5) Get team members to come up with creative ideas for future campaigns

If people feel involved, they are more likely to contribute with ideas and suggestions.

Future-oriented thinking encourages mobile thinking and can elicit ideas that will help you achieve greater sales in the future.

Salespeople are at ground level when it comes to client feedback, complaints, and product suggestions.

They hear more about what customers need than anyone else.

By tapping into this useful knowledge and seeing what changes would be beneficial in the future, you get more motivated team members contributing to future campaigns.

Try some of the above and see what results they can bring you.


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