The Piece of Advice that Could Change Your Sales Results Forever

The Piece of Advice that Could Change Your Sales Results Forever.jpg

by Chris Murray


I get a feeling when I meet with certain prospective clients – somewhere within the first ten minutes – and that feeling tells me I won’t be able to help them.

Nothing I do will change their results – and nothing I say will help them hit their target.

The reason I get this feeling?

It’s because I just know they are going to completely ignore the one bit of advice that would get them out of the hole they’re in.

Let me tell you a couple of things about some of the people who you’d like to have as customers – the business owners and buyers who you’d class as YOUR PERFECT PROSPECTS – that I know to be true…

  • As soon as they wake up – the first thing they hear in the morning is their partner telling them about the impending bill that has to be paid today.
  • While they’re making breakfast, one their children hands over the information for this year’s school trip to somewhere amazing and life-changing – the cost of which is actually more than taking a family of four to Provence for a week.
  • They walk into the office and their most valuable employee tells them they’ve had an offer from the competition and they need a pay-rise or they’ll have to leave
  • There’s a message from the Tax Man – he wants some money – immediately
  • A salesperson calls with something that will cost money and isn’t very useful
  • Sales are in a slump
  • Profits are nose-diving
  • The competition is slashing prices and spending a fortune on advertising
  • A major customer just canceled an order
  • There’s a long list of late payers
  • When they eventually get home again and drag themselves to bed – they wake up at 3 in the morning, sweating about all the things that are currently hanging over them – they try to grab a glass of water to clear their head (without waking the rest of the family) and pray for a couple more hours of sleep before the alarm goes off.
  • The clock radio abruptly spurts out the news at 6.00 – and they drag themselves to the bathroom – and the first thing their partner tells them about – is the impending bill that needs paying today.

Please – read the next couple of lines of this article really carefully…

  • If the people you are calling on have no worries, concerns or desires – if they are not bleeding from the neck with a desperate need to speak to you about the thing you sell or service you provide – THEY probably aren’t your prospects.
  • If you are calling on people who desperately need your help – but you don’t have a deep understanding of what that help actually looks like – YOU probably won’t become their supplier.

So here’s the advice that could change your sales results forever

  • Understand exactly how and who you could and should be helping – and
  • Only call on people who need your help – even if those people don’t recognize that it’s you who should be helping them

Now – if you think that I’ve either oversimplified or overcomplicated what it is you do for a living – or that I somehow don’t understand why people in your industry buy stuff – then I’m almost certain that we will never work together.

I will never be your client – and you will never be my client.

And if that’s the case – then that suits me just fine.


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